World of Concrete Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Published: 28/12, 2023

World of Concrete in Las Vegas is a real long-runner and a valued annual international gathering point for, among other things, industries for concrete drilling, grinding and polishing of concrete surfaces, demolition, remediation and more. In January 2024, the fair celebrates a full 50 years.


On January 23-25, 2024, it’s time again for the World of Concrete trade show to take place in Las Vegas.

This time it is a little special as the tradeshow celebrates 50 years. It started in 1974, just 12 years later than the German mega show Bauma in Munich, Germany. At that time, World of Concrete was a much more local tradeshow, but would quickly become a pan-American event that also attracted both exhibitors and visitors from the rest of North America and beyond. Today, World of Concrete is almost as much an international tradeshow as an American one, with exhibitors from all over the world, although the American exhibitors dominate.

World of Concrete is a classic construction machinery tradeshow with a strong focus on slightly lighter machines for various types of processing, mainly concrete. Here, you won’t find as many manufacturers of really heavy machinery and tools as at Conexpo. What makes World of Concrete unique to PDa Magazine is its strong focus on concrete cutting equipment, light demolition equipment, diamond scrapers, concrete floor grinding and polishing machines and tools, hazardous concrete dust and slurry handling and collection equipment, cleanup equipment, hydrodemolition, and more.


Construction machinery fair

with a strong focus

Few other trade shows can match World of Concrete in reaching precisely these categories of manufacturers and end users of the equipment. World of Concrete is also one of the few tradeshows that is organized annually and also manages to maintain its numbers of both exhibitors and visitors.

While tradeshow once alternated between different American cities such as Orlando, New Orleans, others Las Vegas has been its home for nearly two decades.

World of Concrete’s 2020 edition was already in the books when the coronavirus pandemic hit the world. The 2021 show was moved to June with the hope that the pandemic would have calmed down. But the tradeshow was almost the smallest ever with few international visitors. It was then decided to reduce the number of days down to three, which continues for this coming year with more than 1,350 exhibitors booked. The 2024 show will also coincide with the annual meeting of the International Association for Concrete Drillers & Sawers (IACDS).

PDa Magazine will exhibit in the Central Hall booth 4244. Welcome!


Selected list of exhibitors at World of Concrete 2024

Advanced Equipment Inc C5387

Ajax Tool Works S13353

Allen Blasting and Coating S13826

Allen Engineering Corp C4331

Alpha Professional Tools S12955

Antraquip Corporation C7021A

Ashine Diamond Tool Co. Ltd. S11807

AUSA C6677

Autec North America C3028

Aztec Products, Inc S11808

B2W Software N1545

Bartell Global S10627

Bell Trucks America, Inc C7327

Beton Trowel BV C4862

BlastPro Manufacturing, Inc. S10801, S11727

Bobcat Company C5347

Boren, Inc. O31728

Bosch O30303

Brokk C4005, O32100

Buffalo Turbine S12510

Canycom USA, Inc. C4655

Carhartt Company Gear N2023

Cat Diamond Tools O31652

Caterpillar, Inc C6061

Concrete Sawing & Drilling Associ. C4211

Conjet N2212

CS Unitec Inc O31720

Darda GmbH C6689

Develon C7226

Dewalt O30958

Diamabrush O31942

Diamond S12348

Diamond S13513

Diamond Blade Warehouse S11627

Diamond Products C4305, O32050,


Diamond Speed Products, Inc. S12533

Diamond Vantage C3641, C3641a,


Diapro S13154

Digga Attachments & Kanga Loaders C4529, C4623

Distar C3016

DITEQ Corporation C4315, O31961

Dustcontrol, Inc. S12527

Dymatec USA LLC O31660

Everything Surface Prep dba US S10501

E-Z Drill, Inc. C3333

Floorguard Products S13149

Fuzhou Bontai Diamond Tools Co. S11519

Gensco Equipment N3129

GSSI N1353

Hatz Americas, Inc. C3355

Hilti, Inc. O30800

Hongtai Diamond Abrasive Tools S13432, S13432 Husqvarna Construction O31326

Hyundai Everdigm C6761

ICS Diamond Tools and Equipment O31668

Jetstream of Houston LLP C3215

Komplet North America C6877

Liebherr USA, Co. C6149, N1011

Lissmac Corporation C4649

Makinex Construction Products S12617

Makita O30040

MB America O30327

Milwaukee Tool O30458

Multiquip C4804

National Flooring Equipment S11326

Norton Clipper C3415

PDi Magazine/ Pda Magazine C4244

PR Diamond Products O31250

Pulse-Bac Vacuums S12550

RubbleCrusher C6851, C6851 Runyon Surface Prep Rental O30913, S12343

Samedia Corp. O31570

SASE O30761

Sonmak Diamond Tools C4849

STIHL Inc. C4631

Superabrasive, Inc. O31710, S10507

Surface Systems and Instruments, N1351

Syntec Diamond Tools Inc. S12211

Terra Diamond / GDM Equipment C4519

Terrazzo & Marble Supply Comp S13146

Texas Pneumatic Tools, Inc. S13106

Titan Diamond S13407

U.S.SAWS O31950, S10911

Vacuworx C3327

Wolff Tools S13017

World Diamond Source Inc S11107

Xiamen Bestop Diamond Tools Co. S11616



Xingyi & High Tech Polishing O32030

Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems S12946

Xtreme Polishing Systems S13807

Youngsun Diatech C3056

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