World-Leading in Two Brands

Published: 9/12, 2019

OilQuick and Engcon are two well-known players. OilQuick is a world leader in fully automatic quick coupler systems, while Engcon is a world leader in tiltrotators and accessories for excavators.

During the summer and autumn, the companies deepened their collaboration. OilQuick will be able to offer tiltrotators with OQ couplers together with Engcon’s tiltrotator. The series will be branded in OilQuick’s grey paint and sold under OilQuick’s trademark and name. The products will be marked “Engcon Inside” to clarify their origin.

“Engcon and OilQuick complement each other and we are convinced that we will help each other to strengthen our leading positions both as regards full automatic quick couplers and tiltrotators,” says Stig Engström, owner and founder of Engcon AB.

Both OilQuick and Engcon will greatly benefit from the collaboration. Primarily they will help each other to grow in different geographic markets. Engcon is extremely strong in the Nordic area and OilQuick naturally sees an opportunity to sell large volumes of tiltrotators with OilQuick technology. The market has long requested this combination and both dealers and end customers will be very grateful.

OilQuick has its best market in German-speaking countries. Over 3,500 OilQuick quick couplers were supplied last year alone. So it is clear that the volumes for Engcon’s tiltrotators have a significant potential growth in the coming years. Engcon has been working to increase sales in Germany and the rest of Europe for some time.

Naturally, all models will be available in all countries where OilQuick has sales at present. The model program will be all Engcon’s models for excavators from 1.5t to 33t. First out into the OilQuick range is for 14t to 19t. The tiltrotators will be named OQTR-E and are expected to be ready for delivery in early 2020, depending on the model.

“This collaboration will shorten our delivery times significantly,” says OilQuick sales manager Johan Lindqvist. “With Engcon’s production line and our own added value we have both shorter delivery times and more attractive price levels. We also have better aftermarket service for the tiltrotators than previously. This is an important part of the collaboration and something that we hear from our customers all the time. Warranty, service and replacement parts management are vital parts of business these days.”

All new features and updates will be announced first on OilQuick’s social media platforms.

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