WOC’s Coming Back to Vegas!

Published: 31/5, 2021

It’s Back, Baby: World of Concrete is First Major Post-Pandemic Show in Las Vegas.

World of Concrete will be the first large show to be held at the partly renovated Las Vegas Convention Center on June 8-10. It will also be one of few construction trade shows anywhere in the world to take place during the first half of 2021.


Drastic decrease in number of exhibitors

There is little doubt that this year’s edition of World of Concrete will be different from past years. At press time, the show had 599 registered exhibitors, less than half of 2019’s record 1,500 exhibitors. In 2020, when the pandemic had just started in Asia, the number nevertheless dropped to 927.

Because overseas travel to the U.S. remains restricted, many foreign manufacturers will rely on their U.S.-based representatives to staff exhibits. Others will likely sit this one, and hope for better conditions in 2022. The Nevada sun in June will probably also keep most of the visitors inside the halls.

Still, the decision to stage even a scaled-down World of Concrete offers great value to the construction industry. To be sure, the environment will be different. The State of Nevada’s new directive requires meetings, trade show, and entertainment venues to certify through the state’s Department of Business and Industry that they will follow strict health and safety requirements and protocols. This will see adherence to the prevention principles that have remained consistent, namely maintaining safe social distancing, wearing face coverings, and practicing good hygiene and cleaning measures.

“Las Vegas has been the top convention and meetings destination for many years,” says Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak. “We pride ourselves on providing the best facilities, the best service, and now the safest. We’ve been cautious, but very focused on reopening Las Vegas in the safest way possible for you, our treasured customers, our valued employees and our entire community.”

Those sentiments are echoed by Steve Hill, president and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention Center. “We are thrilled to be welcoming World of Concrete exhibitors and attendees back to Las Vegas as our first major convention to return to our destination,” he says.


Mass vaccination programs a hope for making business start kicking off again

Thanks to mass vaccination programs across the world, there is hope that the overall decline in COVID-19 cases in many parts of the world will lead organizers to stage other shows later in the year. But with many countries facing multiple surges, the next several months will have to be approached with caution. Should World of Concrete be able to return to its usual wintertime schedule next year, some social distancing and face-cover requirements may still be in place. And while Germany’s massive Bauma construction trade show is still planned for 2022, organizers have postponed the event six months, to late October, in the hope of minimizing attendance concerns. But for now, let’s look forward to at least a little bit or normalcy with World of Concrete 2021. PDa will be on hand to cover the event, and we invite visitors to stop by our booth with number W2917 in the West Hall.

“World of Concrete has always been a great show for us and one of the best globally. We have been covering it and exhibiting at it for decades and we will not miss it this time either”, says Jan Hermansson, publisher of PDa Magazine.

A selected list of exhibiting companies at World of Concrete 2021 can be found on the floowing spread.


A Selected List of Exhibitors at World of Concrete 2021

Exhibitors Booth

Advanced Equipment Inc W952

American Shotcrete Asso. N2405

Antraquip Corporation N2644

Merlo (AMS) W941

Astec N837

AUSA Corporation W1119

Aquajet Systems W703

Avant Tecno USA W713

Bay-Lynx Manufacturing W2053

BHS-Sonthofen N648

BlastPro Manufacturing N2151

BlastPro Manufacturing N2413

Vanguard D1242

Britespan Building Systems N545

Brokk Inc W703

Canycom USA, Inc W3303

CASE Construction Equip. W3103

Concrete Saw. & Drill. Asso. W649

Conjet AB W641

CS Unitec Inc W1009

Cutco N645, W2264

Diamond Blade Wareh. N2655

Diamond Outfitters N2643

Diamond Products D1402

Diamond Products D1702

Diamond Products W741

Digga North America, LLC W3115

Digga North America, LLC W3333

DITEQ Corporation D1610

Doosan W1302

Dustcontrol USA N1063

Eagle Industries of LA, LLC N2805

E-Z Drill Inc W2565

E-Z UP W2753

Fogco N2077

Diamond Vantage, Inc. N3052

Gensco Equipment N2929


Hatz Diesel N2512

Haver & Boecker USA, Inc. N653

Hilti, Inc. D1202

Hilti, Inc. W3121

Husqvarna Const. Prod D1224


Inland Diamond Products N2941

IGGA W2624

Jetstream of Houston W511

Jon-Don Inc. D1235

LISSMAC Corporation D1210

Makinex USA LLC N2837

Advanced Floor Products N719

National Flooring Equip. N2107

New Grind Inc D941

Pearl Abrasive N1813

PR Diamond Products, Inc. D1718

Quick Attach Attachments W2931

Runyon Surface Prep Rent. N3151

PDi Magazine/PDa Mag. W2917

Concrete Products N448

Solo Incorporated N2177

Stanley Black & Decker W1131

STIHL Inc. W2709

Sunward America W1720

Superabrasive, Inc. N2305

Sysdyne Technologies, LLC N1863

Terex WES01

Terrazzo & Marble

Supply Companies N1956

Terrco, Inc. N2947

Trojan Tracks USA Inc W3018

US Saws N963

Vacuworx W1608

World Diamond Source N921

Xtreme Engineered

Floor Systems, Inc. N2877


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