What’s New With Mini and Compact Excavators

Published: 11/9, 2023

After a string of construction trade shows, many new models have hit the market. Here’s a summary of the manufacturers’ information about the recent introductions.

Two compact excavators from Volvo CE

Volvo Construction Equipment has started deliveries of two compact excavators, the ECR18 Electric and EC18 Electric, in selected markets. These innovations are the next step in Volvo CE’s ambition to reach net zero value chain greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 – alongside development of hydrogen fuel cell solutions and more sustainable internal combustion engine products – and is part of Volvo Group’s target to have at least 35% of its total range of vehicles fully electric by 2030.

The 1.8t ECR18 Electric is set to provide the same stability and operator experience from its diesel counterpart but with low noise, low vibration and more responsive hydraulics. Delivering an anticipated four hours of work per charge, depending on the environment and task in hand, it also benefits from an ultra-short tail radius. The EC18 Electric offers customers a compact excavator working in 1.8t applications. Its variable undercarriage retracts to less than 1m and expands up to 4.4 ft (1.35m), while the design ensures the right frame corner, swing post and cylinder stay within the tracks’ width.

Both machines come with an on-board charger allowing them to charge from 0 to 100% in under six hours, according to Volvo CE. With an optional off-board charger, the machines will charge up to 80% in up to 1.25 hours. An Electric Machine Management Application, designed for the remote monitoring of electric machines, provides insights into battery level, remaining working hours, geographic location, and other data.


Electric wheel excavator loader from Mecalac

Mecalac has started the delivery of the e12 100% electric wheel excavator loaders. With the e12, the company addresses the demand for environmentally friendly equipment. This machine is part of a complete zero-emission Mecalac ecosystem, including a 1000l swing loader and a 6t dumper, which will be available soon.

The articulated architecture of the diesel 12MTX excavator makes it the natural forerunner of the electric version; the rear hood for the engine now houses a high-capacity lithium nickel-manganese-cobalt battery technology. According to Mecalac, the e12 is the first 11t fully electric excavator to date, and the charging duration is 8h through a standard T2 socket or a 5-pole industrial type-plug. Its 100% electric transmission offers force as soon as the machine starts and energy regeneration when breaking. With a full 360° swing diameter of only 8.8 ft (2.7m), a 7.4-ft (2.25m) turning radius at wheels, and a 140° boom tilt angle, the e12 only needs one road lane in urban areas to carry out its work.


New 6t Stage V mini excavators launched by Develon

Develon’s DX62R-7 and DX63-7 6t Stage V mini excavators are powered by the D24 Stage V compliant diesel engine providing 59.4 hp (44.3kW) of power, and a 7% decrease in engine fuel consumption. The machines utilize a load sensing system based around a new main control valve resulting in a longer spool stroke for improved controllability and working efficiency/performance compared to the previous models they replace. Using the dozer lever, the user can select between low and high speed for the levelling blade hydraulics. The models feature a two-part hood, and have the latest Develon Fleet Management TMS 3.0 Cellular system as standard. Key cab features include a heating and air conditioning system, DAB radio, and air suspension seat with heating. Develon also launched the DX85R-7 8t mini excavator. The bucket digging force is 6.7t, while the traction force is 6.6t. The model is powered by a D24 Stage V compliant diesel engine providing 65 hp (48.5kW) of power. With a height to the top of the cab of more than 8.5 ft (2.6m) and a width of 7.4 ft (2.25m), the cab is roomy and features a full glass entry door. The model offers a 5-in (127mm) increase in the tumbler length, a redesigned undercarriage, and an expanded rear swing radius. Dozer improvements have increased the jack up height, digging depth and lift angle. The model features a 1.45t cast counterweight and the Develon Fleet Management system.


New 8t E88 excavator extends Bobcat R2-Series range

Bobcat launches the E88 8t Stage V model, which features a D24 Stage V 4-cylinder engine that offers a maximum power output of 65 hp (48.5kW). The model features rear visibility and a downward sloping right hand cover that does not restrict the view to the side. Other features include demisting with adjustable heating vents in front; large heating vents in the rear; and front and boom LED lights.

The E88 is available with Standard Arm and Long Arm configurations. Up to five arm-mounted hydraulic auxiliary lines and Bobcat’s Advanced Selectable Auxiliary Control technology enable customizations. The maximum width is 7.2 ft (2.2m) and the overall height is 8.3 ft (2.54m). Bobcat also introduces the 2t mini excavator E19e, an electric version of the E19 internal-combustion model. It features the same profile, stability and lift capacity, as well as comparable performance as the E19, while offering a constant torque curve. The model has a width of 3.25 ft (980mm), and travel pedals and joysticks. The E19e is powered by a 17.3 kWh battery, has an LpA (operator noise) of 70dBA.


Hyundai renews complete mini excavator line

Hyundai Construction Equipment updates its mini excavator line with eight models that join the HX10A Twin Drive micro excavator and the HX85A. The revised color scheme includes a grey front attachment. All models over 4t operating weight are equipped with a revised hydraulic system, featuring Bosch-Rexroth load-sensing controls and a variable displacement pump. Load-independent movement of hydraulic functions provides multi-tasking.

Extendable undercarriages and dozer blades on the HX17A and HX19A models deliver stability for heavy digging and lifting, while optional angled blades are offered on models above 3.5t. Long and short dipper arms are available, along with heavier counterweights on some models. The models are equipped with optional quick-coupler piping, and a rearview camera is also an option on excavators over 4t operating weight.


Komatsu announces PC17R-5 and PC20R-5 mini excavators

Komatsu Europe announces the PC17R-5 and PC20R-5 conventional tail EU Stage V mini excavators, with features such as a large and comfortable cabin, newly designed tracks, a top mounted boom cylinder (PC20MR-5) for off-the-dial digging force, and several standard safety features. The user can further customize the PC17R-5 and PC20R-5 with an extensive line of options. New R-5 features include R-5 cab and interior, low transport weight (PC17R-5), double lock function for PPC, engine shut down secondary switch, seat belt caution indicator, and frame and cab tie-down and lifting points. The PC20R-5 features a top-mounted boom cylinder, third and fourth auxiliary lines, and a new operator seat.


AUSA electric dumper for combined work with mini excavators

Dumpers may be used in combination with mini excavators, and Spanish manufacturer AUSA launches an electric dumper suitable for this application. The D151AEG, with a 1.5t payload, features a swing skip and allows the user to offload materials at any angle with a joystick. When combined with a mini excavator, this makes for a suitable pair compared to skid steer or backhoe loaders, which are slower due to the large number of tasks they have to perform. The model is the first in its category equipped with a lithium-ion battery power unit. It features a pack with a 9.3kWh capacity, 7.6kW power batteries, and peaks of up to 17.3kW. It takes two hours to charge the batteries from 20 to 80% with a standard 230V socket.

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