What’s New With Demolition Robots

Published: 28/12, 2023

New machines from Husqvarna and Elgo-Plus spotlight the year’s developments.

Most people are aware that the remote-controlled demolition robot has its origin in Sweden. The country’s brands are still dominant in the global market, with the founder of the concept, Brokk, still having the widest range available. In second place comes Husqvarna which today has five models in the small to medium weight range. Another strong brand is Top Tec from Germany that has been in the demolition robot field almost as long as Brokk, being founded in the early 1970s. Over the years, there have been a number of other small manufacturers such as Demec, Thordab, and Finmac from Finland.

In more recent years, a few other brands have popped up outside Scandinavia. German manufacturer Kiesel formed the company K-TEG and launched the KMD-RD22 in 2017. About the same time, US company Alpine Cutter launched the Alpine Robot RDC. Euro Implementos of Spain launched its RDC 15.10 in 2018, followed by a number of models from ES Robotics in the UK under the brand name Akula. It is also worth mentioning Hong Kong-based HD Engineering’s HD series, as the company was once a distributor of Brokk machines. There are also a number of mainland China manufacturers of demolition robots. That brings us to 2024, with two new models set to join the market.


Husqvarna’s DXR 95 to Debut at World of Concrete

The DXR 95 is Husqvarna’s lightest and most compact model to date and has been under development for about two years. It is considered by the company to be a major investment. When Husqvarna Construction entered the demolition robot market in the early 2000s, it chose to develop robots in the weight classes that best met the needs of customers. Husqvarna quickly became a worthy competitor to Brokk, which had dominated the market since the company was founded in the early 1970s. “We have worked intensively with this model for a couple of years and it feels great to now launch it and to share in the customers’ positive response,” says Husqvarna product marketing manager Niklas Tillbrandt.

The company’s light demolition director Fredrik Linnell adds that when the actual development work was finished, operators from several countries were invited to test the machine in various applications an

“Everyone who has operated the robot has appreciated the high performance in relation to its size and the user friendliness of the upgraded remote control,” Linnell says.

The DXR 95 is intended for operators who want a strong demolition robot with high productivity which can be loaded onto a smaller transport vehicle and can be driven with high precision in tight spaces. The new machine is completely in line with the other models in the series. The electro hydraulic driven machine delivers 13 hp (9.8kW) of power and up to 3,626 psi (250 bar) of pressure all the way to the tool at the end of the demolition boom. Despite this, the machine weighs 1,300 lb (589kg) which makes it very easy to transport in a smaller van, and it is easy to set up and work with in tight spaces. It is also well balanced and easily handles tilt angles of up to 30° without feeling unstable when working.

The new remote control is very user friendly and intuitive; the operating levers and the various buttons have been ergonomically tested to make the operation of the machine smooth for the operator. It is easy to select and change settings even with gloves on. The remote control has a large bright LCD screen and it is possible to choose between a number of different languages.

The DXR 95 has been equipped with several other important features that prevent unnecessary downtime. These include a heavy0duty arm system with robust friction welded cylinders, automatic hammer lubrication for longer service intervals and protection of vital parts in the tough lower chassis. All components are easy to access and remove to make service and maintenance quick and hassle free. The DXR 95 also gives the operator more flexibility. Using the remote control, the operator can easily adjust parameters such as water, grease and hydraulic functions to suit the operator’s preferences as well as adjust pressure and flow to match the requirements of non-standard tools.



New demolition robot brand from Poland

Elgo-Plus mainly manufacturers micro and mini-diggers and tracked chassis for various applications, and other equipment produced is characterized by simplicity, reliability, and ease of use. This makes the Elgo-Plus machines very practical for many industries, including gardening, construction, process industry and even mining.

The company’s demolition robot is called Springer Eco. It is a multifunctional tool that can be operated on battery power, which is a completely new function to the industry. It has an innovative battery charging system which is in the process of being patented. The batteries are charged automatically while the machine is connected to a power source, allowing it to work continuously.

Andrzej Zielinski from Elgo-Plus explains that the company elected to enter the demolition robot market because of growing demand for machines that can perform manual work.

“Therefore, companies are forced to invest more and more into equipment that will speed up and facilitate many works and what is more, make them safer,” Zielinski adds.

The latest development is that the radio control and the battery power of the machine has no cable needed during the displacement of the machine or during small jobs. Doing larger projects, the machines are easily connected to a 400V power outlet and the batteries are charged during work. If connected to 230V, the batteries are charged during parking.

One advantage with Springer Eco is that besides it being a demolition robot, it can also be used as a 360° rotating mini excavator. It can also be equipped with a grapple for heavy lifting or material handling. The machine is delivered with a grapple, a quick hitch, three buckets and a ground frost hook.


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