Volvo Construction Equipment Joins Open-S Alliance

Published: 21/12, 2021

As the demand for fully automatic quick couplers on excavators continues to grow rapidly in demolition as well as in general construction the Open-S Alliance organization now welcomes Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE), a leading manufacturer dedicated to excavator performance, as a member of the organization.

The Open-S Alliance is a manufacturer-independent organization working to safeguard global interchangeability of hydraulic powered work tools and attachments for excavators. Since early 2021 Volvo CE has delivered quick couplers and adaptors directly from the factory. As a supporting member of the Alliance Volvo CE hopes bid to make customers’ day-to-day work even more productive.

“We are very happy that Volvo Construction Equipment also formally joins the alliance as a technology leading OEM,” says Stefan Stockhaus, Chairman of the Open-S Alliance. “We also see that the interest is growing from other excavator brands. I am firmly convinced that open and standardized interfaces will give end customers major advantages. It makes it easier to use many different work-tool-brands without being locked into a proprietary solution owned by one manufacturer.

The Alliance’s standardization work, ongoing for the last two years, aims to:

• Increase safety and efficiency for excavator owners, operators and ground personnel thanks to that interchangeability for hydraulic powered work tools is achieved.

• Create a competitive and open industry standard that is not controlled by a single producer.

• Create a standard that is user-friendly and follows the highest safety standards.

• Create a uniform manufacturing standard for dimensions and tolerances.

• Make it cost efficient to retrofit adaptor brackets to used and new buckets and work tools.

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