Tyrolit Presents Innovative Developments

Published: 19/8, 2019

Tyrolit presented numerous innovations for concrete cutting and drilling at Bauma 2019, including the WSE 1621 wall saw system. With light weight components, communication interfaces and cutting depths of up to 27.75 in (705mm), the WSE1621 is a wall saw for everyday use on the construction site. Moreover, the wall saw is the first Tyrolit machine equipped with MoveSmart technology, which provides real time user data for the machine. This technology is the basis for optimised planning and cost efficient faster operations for users on the one hand, and for user oriented product development on the other.

Tyrolit also unveiled the WCU17 wire saw, which comes with wire storage of up to 55.7 ft (17 m). One special feature is the machine’s compatibility with the drive units and remote controls of other Tyrolit machines, such as the WSE1217 and WSE1621. Another highlight was the recently CE certified WS30, a HF wire saw from Tyrolit subsidiary, Diamond Products.

Right on time for the 100th anniversary of the company, Tyrolit also presented a completely new and compact dry cutting assortment for the construction trade sector. Within the next two years, the complete assortment will be adapted in line with current market needs as well as with today’s powerful machines. Central to the new range are high product safety, as well as optimized cutting speeds and a maximum tool lifetime. The product innovations comprises of discs with conventional segments as well as segments with TGD Technology. Further highlights for the construction trade sector are new assortment of floor grinders and floor grinding shoes—the new TBE400 table saw and the DRS250 core drilling system.

For more than 20 years Tyrolit has been a partner for companies that specialize in the controlled decommissioning of offshore platforms and nuclear power plants. Apart from the classic concrete drilling and sawing equipment, which can be adapted according to the customers’ needs, the Tyrolit project services team offers a wide range of special tools and machines for complex projects. To this end, Tyrolit presented part of the range that has proved its use including Curved Track, a drilling unit for deep drilling that is also the world’s first ATEX-certified wire sawing system.

The “Dolphin” by 1Diamond, an expert in the offshore and subsea business, was also exhibited. Tyrolit and 1Diamond teamed up in 2018 to bring customized project solutions from both companies to a new level. This enabled them to offer various cutting solutions from as deep as 1.8 miles (3 km) below sea level right up to the surface.

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