Tyrolit Drilling System Goes Underwater

Published: 21/12, 2021

For two months at the beginning of 2021, an artificial lake in Milan, Italy, was the setting for the use of Tyrolit drilling equipment. The task was a demanding one. More than 30 14x157 in (350x 4,000 mm) holes to be drilled so that poles could be inserted to serve as a mooring points for boats close to the shore. Contractor Expertagli Aosta, a subsidiary of the Edil Taglio Cemento Group, decided to rely on Tyrolit equipment, as it was not feasible to be carried out with conventional machines. 

Particularly challenging was the fact that the work had to be carried out in a water 13-16 ft (4-5 m) deep. Further complicating things were poor visibility underwater, and the lake bottom sediment. But Tyrolit’s special tools and machines were up to the challenge. 

With a capacity for diameters up to 39 in (1,000mm) and an optimised drill bit attachment for larger diameters, the DGB1000 drilling gearbox was the ideal tool for this project. The DGB1000 was supported by the 33.5-hp (25kW) PPH25RR drive, providing optimum cutting speeds with its four-stage control. The project was completed successfully within two months and the Tyrolit machines proved to be ideal for versatile and complex tasks. 


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