Trevi Benne’s New MA Series of Processors

Published: 19/8, 2019

Trevi Benne of Italy introduced Bauma visitors to a new generation of universal processors, the MA Series. The expression of perfect productivity and efficiency, the MA Series is a perfect match of power in demolition, fast opening/closing cycles, and reliability. Five models are available, from the 4,189-lb (1,900-kg MA 18 up to the 24,251-lb (11,000-kg) MA 65. Available with Combi and Swiss Kit, the MA Series is the perfect equipment for any demolition process—from the demolition and crushing of concrete structures to cutting reinforcing rods and metals. Trevi Benne’s display also showcased the model MA 25 model with Combi Kit, for a total weight of 5,953 lb (2,700 kg).

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