Trevi Benne Help Swedish Contractor Cream a (...)

Published: 22/10, 2018

Trevi Benne Help Swedish Contractor Cream a Former Dairy

The Swedish demolition contractor Remoove Demolering AB was recently hired to demolish a dairy plant to make way for a new residential development. The former dairy contained approximately 13,000t of concrete and 1,000t of steel, all of which bound for recycling. The highest point of the building was 72 ft (22m) which required high-reach demolition equipment. 

Remoove’s solution was to equip a Caterpillar 324E equipped with Trevi Benne’s new CS 30RS 3t demolition shear. A Trevi Benne Multi Kit MK25 (3.25t) with a shear kit was also fitted on to aVolvo EC300D excavator. 

Erik Östlund, owner of Remoove, is a longtime Trevi Benne customer, so he knew the tools could be counted on to swiftly and efficiently demolish the dairy. He brought in several other Trevi Benne attachments for the job, including a 2.15t F 21P pulveriser, a 2.1t HC 20 primary crusher, and PMG 15S and PMG 20S selector grapples, weighing 1.6t and 2.1t, respectively. For demolishing the tallest parts of the factory, Remoove used a Kocurek attachment fitted to a high-reach Volvo EC 460 excavator.

Though the site has been cleared, elements of the dairy live on in other ways. Most of the concrete was crushed into filling material for the new building complex.

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