The Five Best Attachments for Cross Passages

Published: 10/10, 2022

Cross passages in underground tunnels provide a unique challenge for construction crews. Compact, strong and precise, remote-controlled demolition robots with specialized attachments are the go-to solution for improving safety, speed and productivity in cross passage excavation. Here are a few demolition robot attachments that can make tunneling contractors’ lives easier.



Because they convert a demolition robot into an agile excavator, buckets are a no-brainer, versatile attachment for cross passage excavation. They can dig, sort and separate material, and quickly load it into carts for removal from the passage.


Beam Grapple

Beam grapples handle the important work of placing support ribs in the passage. Some manufacturers offer beam grapples that are lightweight yet stand up to tough tunneling conditions and lift as much as 1,100 lb (500kg).



The breaker is a pro at removing large amounts of material, breaking it down and sizing it. Designed to hit harder and faster than a mini-excavator paired with a breaker, breaker-equipped remote-controlled demolition machines also produce less noise and vibration, making them perfect for tunneling.


TEI Rock Drill

Paired with a demolition robot, the TEI Rock Drill is ideal for drilling blast holes in confined spaces. It excels at cross passage work because of its ability to drill at all angles and directions, and as a bonus is far quieter than pneumatic handheld drills.


Drum Cutter

Drum cutters gently remove layers of hard, reinforced ground for cross passage excavation. The attachment is especially suited for tunneling work thanks to low impact operation that produces less noise and vibration. The perfect pairing of a remote-controlled demolition machine and the best attachment for the job can mean days or even weeks of time saved on a project. Contact a demolition robot manufacturer to find out how the equipment can increase efficiency and profits on your next project.

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