The Best Generators and Compressors for Vans

Published: 23/11, 2020

Construction vehicles are often full of useful tools. Load space is often quite full, and anything leftover is used for materials, parts, and components that are needed on the worksite. Hence, the picture actually summarizes quite well how these kinds of vehicles are used.

On the right side, there is a hydraulic welding generator, while a hydraulic screw compressor is on the left. As a result, the picture presents one of the advantages of hydraulic equipment: compactness. And if a van doesn’t have a hydraulic system (i.e. PTO) can be installed on it.

These small and useful pieces of equipment use the carrier vehicles engine as a power source so the pieces of the equipment itself, like generators or compressors, are small. As such, they require a minimum amount of maintenance. The components of the hydraulic system, like an oil cooler and oil tank, can be fitted to places where space is not that important. Considering all this, hydraulic equipment is perfect for vans. As for cooling, hydraulic oil can do at least some of the job. The hydraulic oil as a cooling liquid is a powerful way to cool down the motor of the piece of equipment. For example, you can see the DYNASET Hydraulic Welding Generator requires only 2 in (50mm) airspace in front of it and 1 in (25mm) of airspace on sides and top. That’s because the Hydraulic Welding Generator’s motor’s surplus heat is mostly transferred to oil cooler via hydraulic oil.

The DYNASET Hydraulic Screw Compressor is even easier and more flexible to install to the vehicle or machine because the cooling of this piece of equipment is carried out entirely by hydraulic oil. In other words, the compressor can be installed in tight places without overheating problems.

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