Swing Loaders, Site Dumpers, and More from Mecalac

Published: 5/5, 2020

Urban construction sites are often congested; workspace is limited and ground conditions are often compromised. The Mecalac AS swing loaders, introduced at Conexpo/Con-Agg, are suitable for a variety of jobsites and feature an ability to simultaneously drive, operate and rotate. These loaders are designed around a one-piece frame with three steering modes as standard (two-wheel steering, four-wheel steering, and crab). With four-wheel steering, combined with the 180-degree swivel arm, the swing can perform a complete rotation on a footprint that is 20% smaller than that of a conventional loader, according to Mecalac. Whatever is lifted by the bucket at the front, once the rear axle is locked, can be turned through 180 degrees. Whether moving on site, between locations or during active loading operations, it maintains its mobility.


Shield technology a feature on TA dumper series

Also introduced at Conexpo/Conagg was the TA dumper series which has been specifically designed to meet the tough demands of new construction sites. To ensure safety, Mecalac has developed its Shield technology for the safety of the operator and those working around the machine. Shield is fitted as standard on all dumpers from 6t to 9t (Stage V), with the option to upgrade to Shield Pro. Standard Shield includes start and drive interlock to ensure the operator is wearing the seatbelt before driving. Stop-start and idle shut off features make sure the machine is not left running for longer than required. Shield Pro includes features such as skip operation interlocks, safe working angle monitoring and adjustable speed limiting.

Entering and exiting the machine is safe due to the stair like access with full length grab rails. All site dumpers feature service access from ground level to ensure routine equipment maintenance. The chassis and engine canopies are designed to give access to all service areas, while engine panels are mounted on heavy duty, lockable hinges for added safety. A hazard-detection system is designed to detect objects in front of the working machine which the operator may have missed.

Mecalac Power Swivel site dumpers allow any load to be rotated before being tipped, with the Power Swivel technology enables the operator to work within a confined site area, with payload options ranging between 2t to 9t. Mecalac High Discharge site dumpers are designed to deliver versatility and performance dealing with payloads from 1t to 2t. Each model has been developed for use in smaller sites, such as housing developments and landscaping projects, with all models delivering a height clearance of more than 5 ft (1.5m). An articulated and oscillating chassis ensures excellent manoeuvrability and off road capability.


MDX cab dumper series combines safety and design

Mecalac’s R&D department has developed its 6t and 9t dumpers by reimagining the operator cab. The redesigned access system for the MDX site dumpers features large self-clearing steps set like a staircase. The solid back plate significantly reduces the risk of material build up on the steps. With a full length hand rail located on the A-pillar and a door mounted hand rail, three points of contact can be easily maintained when accessing the cab. The new 6MDX and 9MDX combines aesthetics with operator functionality. Integration of the cab within the ground-up design enhances visibility, safety, simplicity, and ease of operation.


Big and getting bigger in North America

From just one dealer in 2016, Mecalac North America now has 15 dealers and is still growing. With direct lines of communication back to the factories in Europe, this wholly owned subsidiary of the Mecalac Group has a singular focus: bringing the company’s thinking and products to new markets across North America. “From Florida to Washington State, and Montreal and Missouri, we have partnered with a variety of well-established equipment houses who recognise the unique attributes of our machines and see opportunity in helping us bring the Mecalac message to the market,” says Peter Bigwood, general manager, Mecalac North America.

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