Swedish Quay Rehab a Definite Edge

Published: 17/6, 2019

Renovating the Masthamnens quay in Stockholm includes a requirement for smooth edges is required. And the tools of choice for the job are Conjet’s 557 and 367 hydrodemolition robots. Waterjet Entreprenad AB is tasked with removing approximately 5,650 ft3 (160 m3) of damaged and old concrete from the quay, which consists of a large beam that needs repair on all sides. The Robot 557, a diesel-driven unit on tracks that is the latest addition to Conjet’s 7-series robots, will be used for topside hydrodemolition, with the contractor maximizing use of the heavy-duty Multi-Purpose Arm. The wheel-based Robot 367, equipped with the same type of MPA will be used for outside hydrodemolition utilizing the rigidly constructed arm and chassis.

“The robots are well suited for this type of work”, says André Jansson, worksite manager at Waterjet Entreprenad AB. Operators can cut up to 6 in (150 mm) deep in a total area of 11,840 ft2 (1,100 m2). 

The hydrodemolition is powered by two Hammelmann high pressure pumps at 670.5 hp (500kW) producing about 70 gallons per min (260 litres/min). The Super Silenced model will work at ~69dB(A) at 23 ft (7m). A hand lance pump from Hammelmann is also used on the project. Two barges are placed alongside the quay for the cleaning work being performed with the handlance. The barges also serve as a collector of the debris from the robots work preventing the debris from falling into the water. Sweden’s Environmental Directives are clear on the handling of debris as well as noise pollution. 

There are quite a few jobs running on quays in the Stockholm area. Waterjet Entreprenad AB has been awarded two larger contracts in parking garages that will keep them occupied over the winter.


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