Superabrasive’s LAVINA Power Trowel

Published: 5/5, 2020

Superabrasive’s LAVINA LP36 power trowel is a 6-ft (2.03m) ride-on propane-driven trowel with Kawasaki FX1000V engine and mechanical steering. Weighting 1,389 lb (630kg), the trowel is equipped with two 36-in (915mm) pans and eight Trowel Shine tool holders, ready to take a variety of tools for grinding and polishing. The pan system with rotary tool holders and flexible foam offers a good balance, and even tool wear.

The trowel also features continuously variable transmission, providing optimum torque and speed during all phases of the finishing process, a heavy-duty shroud to protect walls from slurry, an integrated wheel set for easy tool changes, and LED lights. The LP36 will be available for sale later this year.

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