Steelwrist Recognized Among Sweden’s Best-Managed Companies

Published: 23/11, 2020

Steelwrist has been recognized as one of Sweden’s Best-Managed Companies by Deloitte in cooperation with Nasdaq. Best-Managed Companies is a quality award to recognize the overall success of private Swedish companies based on strategic direction, ability to execute, corporate culture, and financial performance.

“Steelwrist is like an exciting journey and it is said that good ideas rapidly deteriorate into hard work,” says CEO says Stefan Stockhaus. “We have a fantastic team and a strong culture where we help each other to pull in the same direction in the entire international organization. I am very proud to work with our crew and it feels great for the team that a lot of hard work for a long time has been honored with this award.”

Best-Managed Companies was established in Canada in 1993, and subsequently introduced in more than 20 countries around the world. Sweden’s Best Managed Companies was launched during 2018 by Deloitte in cooperation with Nasdaq. An independent jury selected the 18 companies for recognition this year.

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