Simulation Training Event to be held in Hanover, Pa.

Published: 22/10, 2018

CM Labs Simulations, developer of Vortex® training simulators, invites contractors, training professionals, and career and technical educators to a seminar and hands-on demo at the corporate headquarters of Conewago Enterprises, Hanover, Pa. The one-day training is available on both October 23, and October 24.

The six-hour seminar, with lunch provided, will be presented by Greg Smith, Project Manager for Conewago Enterprises, and Drew Carruthers, Construction Simulator Product Manger for CM Labs Simulations. Conewago is running Vortex training packs for Rough Terrain Crane, Crawler Crane, Excavator, and Wheel Loader. The contractor uses simulators as a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective approach to preparing operators for the work site.

The free education seminar will show ow organizations are improving skills acquisition and lower training costs with Vortex simulators, how simulators can be used for recruiting and assessing skills, what to look for when comparing simulator products, and key ROI considerations.

Conewago Enterprises will share how the use of Vortex simulators impacted its crane and heavy equipment training program. The company has realized numerous benefits, including reduced equipment rental costs, improved pass rates on certification exams, and more effective cross training.

Reserve your spot to attend “How to Improve Workforce Training with Simulation.” Space is limited for this free event. Register at

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