Simex Showcases New Product Developments

Published: 19/8, 2019

Simex offers a range of equipment for applications that include road maintenance utilities installation, recycling, demolition, quarrying, mining, and tunnelling. Organized into 25 product ranges Simex’s 80 models are the result of sustained efforts in R&D, optimization of industrial processes, and continued investment. Simex has also started construction of a new plant that will allow the company to increase production and expand its sales network in North America and other parts of the world.

Simex’s newest models include the updated RW 500 wheel saw and the RS 16, an attachment designed for creating rumble strips, with the adaptability to perform two additional functions. These features make it a unique 3-in-1 attachment. The Simex family of TF cutter heads includes the small but powerful TFC 100, which can can be mounted on 2.5t to 4t mini excavators, and the TFC 50, designed for mini excavators weighing 1.2t to 4t. Both the models can excavate their entire width thanks to a system with central chain that leaves no areas unmilled, enabling the attachment’s working capacity to be exploited to the maximum.

The cutter heads have proved adept in nursery and forestry applications, such as cutting trunks and roots, while the attachments are ideal for digging small trenches on rocky terrain, and excavating small manholes or utility vaults for water and utility lines. The TF 50 and TF 100 cutter heads can also be used for milling walls in prefabricated concrete or for removing plaster. Because of the weight and size of the prime movers they are coupled to, they have proved useful in the refurbishment of civil and industrial buildings, an application where their low noise levels are appreciated.

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