ShearCore Names Murray Plant as 2019 Worldwide Distributor of the Year

Published: 4/3, 2020

ShearCore announced that Murray Plant, a Blue Group company, has been named the 2019 Fortress Worldwide Distributor of the year. Murray Plant purchased a record-breaking number of Fortress products in 2019 – making it the #1 distributor of Fortress products worldwide. Bruce Bacon, President of Exodus/ShearCore, says that “there is no doubt that the skyrocketing success for Fortress in the United Kingdom is in large part due to the professional team at Murray Plant.”

Kevin Boreen, CEO of Exodus Machines, echoed Bacon’s high regard of the working relationships with the Murray plant. “We could not have asked for a better partner than Murray Plant/Blue Group to introduce the Fortress family of products to the UK market,” he says. “We look forward to continued success for many, many years to come.”

The breadth of the Murray Plant and Blue Group product offerings, the quality of the facilities, and their dedicated staff makes them the perfect distribution partner.

“Fergal, Bruce, Mick, and others at Murray Plant have been cornerstones of stability,” Bacon says. “I believe that the number of ‘high-profile’ professional demolition contractors that own Fortress products is a direct result of their reputation for fair play and good service.”

ShearCore prides itself on the relationships that have been built in the industry and is extremely grateful for the relationships it’s built with Murray Plant and Blue Group that has helped us to grow our market share in the U.K. Terry Sturgell, ShearCore Regional Sales Manager, has been a vital team member in cultivating the relationship with the Murray Plant and through his hard work this alliance has only grown stronger.

Bacon also recognizes that relationships are key to continued growth. “I appreciate the superb relationship that these companies have with Fortress and the markets, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t state how amazing the personal acceptance of our team and products has been by many Demolition and Recycling companies in the U.K.,” he says. “I consider it an honor to know many of these men and women personally, and it is one of my best experiences in life to feel welcomed by them. I truly hold their trust and friendship in high regard.”


About Murray Plant

Originally started in 1972 by Bruce’s late father Bob, who was always on the lookout for something different led to purchasing a Rammer Breaker in 1985 – a Rammer S82 – a Big Hammer at the time! Eventually becoming the Scottish Rammer Dealer. Murray Plant has only ever sold Rammer making it one of the U.Ks most consistent Hammer Distributors and one of the world’s longest serving Rammer dealers. Murray became sole UK importer in 1985. Other Products followed namely Allu Screening Buckets, OilQuick quick couplers, Xcentric Crushing Buckets, Pladdet Rotating Grabs, and more recently Fortress Shears and Pulverizers.

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