Sennebogen 870 E Long-Reach Demolition Machine Provides Benefits

Published: 22/1, 2020

Limited space, time pressure, and often, challenging building layouts are the most common characteristics of downtown demolition projects. Factoring in occupational safety and efficiency as well creates the need for machines that operate with the latest technology and provide maximum comfort. Sauer Bau und Projektentwicklung GmbH, based in Starnberg, Germany, saw these as reasons for choosing the Sennebogen 870 long-reach demolition machine

The 870 E is a real multi-tasker when it comes to the controlled demolition of buildings, with the key being Sennebogen’s tried and tested optional quick-change system. This enables the machine to use a demolition grab to remove sections of a building, crushing material on the ground using the shears or a hammer attachment, and pre-sorting materials for subsequent removal from site or loading trucks.

With an operating weight of up to 117t depending on the equipment and attachments being used, the 870 E long front demolition material handler is also a veritable “green giant.” This has proved to be essential when working in a confined space, as well as when operating grabs and removing demolition material from heights of up to 108 ft (33m). As of 2019, another version has been introduced that can work easily up to 118 ft (36m).

The 870 demolition material handler’s “Green Efficiency” engine system features automatic stop and idle functions as well as optimized coordination of the engine and hydraulics resulting in fuel savings of as much as 20%. In addition, the machine requires less transportation and fewer staff to facilitate these tasks. The sophisticated self-assembly system enables the installation of the rear mounted ballast and the boom without the assistance of an additional crane, meaning only three machine parts have to be transported before starting work. Another plus is that thanks to the compact, telescopic undercarriage, the main body of the machine fits easily onto a low loader.


Occupational safety

The higher weight of the 870 demolition material handler ensures stability, while “bulletproof” glass and roof gratings protect operators from falling material. Additional stick mounted cameras help monitor the work area, while a uniquely elevating cab can tilt upwards by 30° and also elevate nearly 9 ft (2.7m), bringing the operator nearer to the demolition area and enable work in an ergonomic position. An optional electronic work area monitoring system prevents the 870 demolition material handler from tilting due to overload.

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