Scanmaskin Launches New Dust Collector in the World Series Range

Published: 4/3, 2020

The ScanDust 9000 World Series is the largest and most efficient industrial dust extractor by Scanmaskin featuring increased filter capacity and built-in pre-separators. The unique and patented pre-separator separates the dust into two stages and provides up to 90% pre-separation. This means users do not need to clean the filters as often, which provides a longer filter life and less interruptions for maintenance compared to traditional industrial dust collectors. Since the pre-separator is built into the machine, it is always included in the workplace, which means no extra equipment that needs to be handled or transported.

The filter area of the ScanDust 9000 World Series is 45 ft2 (4.2 m2) and consists of 32 Teflon coated sock filters and two HEPA 14 filters, each of which provides an extremely high filtration rate of 99.995% and takes care of the very smallest and most dangerous particles despite a very high air flow.

The electric version of the ScanDust 9000 World Series is equipped with a frequency control drive which allows users to adjust the power and speed depending on the application. The combination of this, together with high filter capacity and high airflow, allows you to connect more machines to the same vacuum cleaner.

The ScanDust 9000 World Series has a height-adjustable cyclone for flexible transport options and is also equipped with solid rear wheels and 7.8-in (200 mm) large swivel wheels for easy handling in the workplace. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a filter guard that warns you when you need to clean the filters and a Jet-Pulse cleaning system that easily pulses the filters to keep them clean without having to come in contact with the harmful dust. For simple and dust-free bag replacement, the proven Longopac bag system is incorporated into the SD9000.

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