Rubble Master Sets the Course for Its Future Growth

Published: 22/1, 2020

A great deal has been happening at Austria’s Rubble Master recently which has now grown into grown into the RM Group. The expansion of RM’s headquarters is a milestone in the company’s development with a newly installed management team set to drive the company forward. In 2018, RM recorded the most successful year in the company’s history to date, with 2019 set to see the continuation of this successful course.

“The ongoing further development of our entire product range and the spirit of innovation experienced in our company ensure a sound order intake and play a decisive role in our results,” says CEO and founder Gerald Hanisch.

Adds CFO Günther Weissenberger, “Worldwide demand for RM has increased again, and the integration of Maximus into the RM Group has also been highly successful.”

In addition to extending its product range, RM’s success lies in its unique corporate culture, its internal innovation processes and the members of the RM Family. The company has brought in a new level of management in order to remain a leading pioneer in the industry and set new standards in the future.

“RM is preparing for the future preparations for further growth,” confirms operations manager Manfred Nowak, who is now responsible for production, purchasing, supply chain, warehousing, and IT. Likewise Christian Spicker, chief sales officer, brings many years’ experience to his position. “RM is a company with clear values that are immediately apparent,” he says, adding that young people hold the key to the future. “As an innovative and exciting employer, we want to be a link to educational institutions, universities and technical colleges.”

Markus Gaggl, chief technology officer, has a passion for the industry in which RM operates and understands how the market is changing and what is needed. Gaggl, who returned to the company this year, is now responsible for product management, engineering, innovation management, and digital services that, he says, will “provide our customers with the highest flexibility in future we will focus even more on the configurability of our products.”

Julia Aschenwald, head of administration, is also enthusiastic about the RM Family. “Despite consistent growth, RM never loses touch with people,” she says. Apart from her passion for numbers, loyalty to the company is one of her priorities. Since graduating from Steyr University, Julia was head of accounting company for five years and is now responsible for all RM’s administration.


Expanding production in Linz

Another important step in the company’s expansion strategy has been extending the headquarters at Linz-Pichling, Austria. “RM will expand the location step by step over the next few years according to the master plan that we have developed,” says Weissenberger.

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