Rotar Hydraulic Adapter is OilQuick “CLEAN SYSTEM” Ready

Published: 12/10, 2021

Rotar International has introduced its newly developed fully integrated ROQ quick coupler adapter. The Rotar ROQ fully integrated hydraulic adapters are currently available as ROQ 60, ROQ 70, ROQ 70-55, ROQ 80, and ROQ 90 for the series RCC series two-cylinder concrete cutter, RDC demolition combi-shear, RDP demolition pulverizer and RG demolition and sorting grab as well as for RSS mobile scrap shear. The rotator-head section of these attachments has been completely redesigned and optimized for the integration of the adapter. This means that the adapter can be placed directly on the slewing ring without requiring further assembly. The top-plate with the screw-on threads is completely omitted.

This very compact combination of attachment and adapter offers considerable advantages for the user. Depending on the size of the attachment, it can be up to 7.9 in (200 mm) shorter and 440 lb (200 kg) lighter. This makes a considerable difference due to the more favorable center of gravity of the attachment. This benefit is especially noticeable at high-reach applications, as this design is lighter and closer to the excavator arm’s suspension point than conventional adapters. Rotar dealers and customers can order the attachments complete and ready for use from the factory. Additional work and time to bolt on the adapter plate and install the hose connections are eliminated, saving time and service costs. Due to the fully integrated hydraulic hoses, damage to them during hard demolition work is almost impossible. This increases operational safety and thus reduces operating costs and saves downtime on job sites as well. A service inspection cover allows easy access to all hydraulic components in the upper head section of the attachment. Time-consuming unscrewing of the adapter is no longer required.

The Rotar ROQ adapter has been fully integrated into the attachment design by Rotar engineers with the support of OilQuick Germany. As an “OilQuick CLEAN SYSTEM Partner,” Rotar has emphasized compatibility with original OilQuick couplers and associated Clean System Partner suitability. Because the ROQ is built with original OilQuick components, owners are assured of receiving the system’s latest advancements to provide full compatibility and the highest possible operational safety, especially with the OilQuick locking control and the OilQuick drop protection features.

In addition, all attachment parts used, such as hoses and screw connections and the original OilQuick hydraulic couplings, are standardized and documented in the spare parts manuals. This makes it very easy and quick to identify a component and replace it if necessary. All these measures aim to reduce maintenance- and operating costs, increase ease of maintenance, and guarantee maximum safety. Rotar also offers original fully integrated adapters for Steelwrist and Lehnhoff Variolock full hydraulic quick couplers. Other sizes and models are available on request.

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