RONDA Negative Pressure Air Cleaners

Published: 19/8, 2019

The focus on health and safety and the value of a dust-free work environment is increasing in many parts of the world. Whether you wish to minimize the amount of fine and health-hazardous dust particles in the air at the construction site, or to create a negative pressure in the room where you are working, a negative pressure unit is a must.

That’s why V. Brøndum of Denmark has introduced a new range of Negative Pressure Units--the RONDA NPU 1250, RONDA NPU 2500, and RONDA NPU 5000. All three models are powerful, robust and easy-to-use machines designed for the construction industry.

Each unit is equipped with a large pre-filter as well as an effective HEPA-14 filter also with a very large filter surface which restrains the finest and most health-hazardous particles. A manometer showing the filter load is standard and on the two larger versions the air flow can be adjusted.

It is possible to use all of the three new RONDA Negative Pressure Units in the room where you are working or to integrate the NPU’s in your dust wall.

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