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Published: 19/8, 2019

Demolition and recycling attachment manufacturer Indeco has line up a whole bunch of new products ready for delivery.

IMP Multiprocessoor

Indeco’s new IMP multiprocessor has a more robust body and has been redesigned to increase its maximum jaw opening, while its demolition, pulverizing and cutting geometries on the various jaws have also been improved.The jaws have also undergone another key improvement, with Indeco IMP’s crusher and pulveriser configurations now having interchangeable teeth. Welded onto a bolt on plate anchored to the jaw, all Indeco jaw teeth can be removed as a unit. This greatly speeds up replacement and improves grip, giving the attachment greater durability. The shear version has also undergone substantial innovation, with the blades now being fully reversible and interchangeable so that they can be used for cutting at any angle. They have a dual-profile piercing tip system with differentiated upper and lower tips, for a clean gradual cut.


Two new small attachments for mini excavators

The Indeco range of small hammers has been expanded with the HP 100, designed for mini excavators from 0.7t to 0.8t for working in restricted working areas. Despite weighing less than 132 lb (60 kg), the HP 100 has a larger steel diameter than hammers in the same class, and delivers good impact energy per blow. The new hammer also maintains maximum hydraulic efficiency from start to finish, reducing demolition times and ensuring high productivity levels. Given the growth in mini excavator sales, Indeco has created the new IRP 5 X concrete crusher.


Anti-dust system updated

Indico’s IDA dust abatement system has been updated in line with the latest OSHA guidelines in order to protect workers even more against exposure to crystalline silica micro particles. Indeco has launched an optional low-pressure dust abatement system for its smaller range of hammers and pulverisers, which can be mounted on carriers of up to 16t.

The technology involves moving the vaporising plate, with its four nozzles, away from its previous position in the lower part of the casing. It is now located where the mounting bracket is attached, which enables it to cover the entire working area regardless of the tool’s position. This reduces the amount of dust produced, even on windy days. The new system requires a low-pressure water supply, as the sprayers activate automatically only when the attachment is in action, thereby reducing water consumption.


Indeco mulching head

Indeco has also introduced a whole new line of tools, IMH boom mounted mulching heads, manufactured and successfully tested by Indeco North America and soon to be available worldwide. These brand new products can transform excavators and skid steers into powerful land clearing and maintenance tools in the forestry, gardening and landscaping applications.

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