PRM Develops World-Leading Solution to Ensure Physical Distancing

Published: 23/11, 2020

PRM Engineering Services of Australia has found a solution to ensuring physical distancing using the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) technology that detects pedestrians and alerts safety breaches in real-time.

Sentinel VISION Al uses cameras, machine-learning and information input algorithms that detect humans or parts of a human and trigger both visual and audible alarms. Originally developed to monitor the safety of workers and pedestrians around heavy machinery and mobile plant, Sentinel VISION AI can be adapted for public spaces enforcing distancing regulations.

As more public spaces begin to reopen and people return to work, public spaces such as retail, parks, gyms, offices, and public transport are facing the challenge of adapting physical distancing measures without having the necessary resources to effectively monitor each person’s movements.

PRM Engineering continues to develop leading-edge technology grounded on firm knowledge, experience, and the needs of advanced safety software in a range of working environments.

The PRM Group of Companies has been providing safety solutions, hydraulic service expertise and niche excavator attachments to top construction companies and OEMs for more than 20 years.

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