OilQuick Unveils Product Innovations

Published: 19/8, 2019

OilQuick quick couplers enable quick and safe switching of hydraulic attachments directly from the cab. The company has now added several new products to its portfolio. Among them is OilQuick’s Front Pin Guide (FPG), a control system that enables centred and safe guiding of the coupler in the attachment frame, thus ensuring stress free connection of the electrical and oil connections. OilQuick expects the new patented product improvements to achieve increased operational reliability and lower maintenance costs. 

New and innovative safety solutions have also been launched with an electronic monitoring system, OQ-LockSupport (OQLS), an advanced safety system for excavators. OQLS guides the operator through the entire attachment switching process, standardises operation of the locking function and provides the operator with information via a cab panel. OQLS is available for two quick couplers in “sandwich” versions (i.e. above and below the tiltrotator).

A new fall protection system lessens the hazard of attachments dropping around the machine, resulting from careless or incorrect coupling by the operator. Safety hooks catch the attachment in all positions, while a mechanical lock indicator (MRL) clearly informs the operator whether the coupler’s locking plungers are in the locked or unlocked position. MRL indicates that the attachment is correctly connected and locked only when the locking plungers are in the correct position under the frame pin.

Further product innovations shown at bauma were a newly developed 17-pin vertically mounted V90 electrical connector, which allows simultaneous operation of two separate “can bus” systems and control electronics on the same connector. OilQuick has also launched a special OQRail coupler for rail excavators, and an improved OQC coupler system for pendulum-mounted attachments.

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