Next Step for Brokk Connect

Published: 21/12, 2021

Brokk Connect 2.0 is the next step for the online platform for connected Brokk robots. Announced in February, the online platform is now available across Europe and North America, and will be expanded to the rest of the world next year. Brokk Connect includes both hardware and software that are unique to meet the specific requirements of the operation and management of demolition robots. Brokk Connect 2.0 includes a sophisticated always-on geofencing functionality that helps owners keep control of their fleet of machines, and assists them in the event of theft or unauthorized use. The platform also offers a weekly fleetwide status report to stay up to date on issues that need attention.

“As we said when we announced Brokk Connect, it is a solution that we will continue to develop and expand,” says Brokk Group CEO says Martin Krupicka. “Brokk Connect 2.0 is now the next step, but it is definitely not the last.”

Brokk Connect leverages data to help owners better manage fleet utilization and optimize project planning. Combined with a Brokk Uptime service contract, owners can rely on Brokk monitor machines status, and troubleshot any issues remotely and proactively. The result is maximum machine uptime, with the robot always ready for the next job. Brokk Connect is available on all new Brokk robots but can also be retrofitted on to older models.

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