New RONDA Vacuum and Pre-Separators

Published: 19/3, 2019

RONDA of Denmark will use Bauma 2019 to debut its new 1800H Power, a heavy-duty H-class vacuum cleaner for concrete and other fine/health-hazardous dust.

Equipped with the same motor head as the well-known RONDA 200H Power, the 1800H is suitable for cleaning construction sites, as well as a dust extractor in connection with hand tools for cutting and grinding concrete. 

Other features include soft start, low noise, and a very large, partly self-cleaning teflon-coated multi-tube filter that will last at least three years as well as a valve for filter cleaning during operation. The machine is partly made of conductive materials to ensure discharge of static electricity. the strong metal frame protecting the RONDA 1800H Power together with large wheels make the machine easy to handle and transport even at construction sites. 
The new RONDA 1800H Power is available in a Longopac version, or with a large metal container releasable with a handle.

RONDA is also introducing the CF 502P and CF 502A heavy-duty cyclone pre-separators for vacuuming large quantities of very fine dust, protecting the filter system of the vacuum cleaner from overload. The standard version RONDA CF-502P is equipped with a plastic container, while the CF-502A is equipped with a metal container to prevent static electricity. Both models offer 1.7 ft3 (50 litters) of capacity, plus the option of collecting dust directly in the container or in a strong plastic bag.

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