New Products From Husqvarna

Published: 19/8, 2019

Husqvarna has announced the release of several new products, including new power cutters, floor grinders, floor saws and 

its new fleet services, to name but a few.

K 770 VAC and K 770 Dry Cut

First out is the new Husqvarna K 770 VAC and K 770 “Dry Cut” power cutters providing dry cutting solutions for handheld machines for applications where wet cutting isn’t an option, e.g., when water is in short supply or when regional regulations forbid slurry. The construction of the blade guard helps collect the resulting dust from cutting which can then be transported away and contained. The K 770 VAC is equipped with a flexible hose connector that is attached to an external dust extractor, such as the Husqvarna S 26, providing dust transportation and containment. The portable K 770 Dry Cut is equipped with a cutting arm with an integrated fan. The fan’s strong airflow effectively removes the dust and transports it to a designated bag where it’s kept contained thanks to its integrated nozzle. The bag is washable and reusable but can also be disposed of. Both power cutters provide a cutting depth of 4.8 in (122mm), while an integrated gearbox reduces the speed of the blade in order to optimize the removal of dust, transporting it via the blade guard either to the external VAC unit or the external bag.


Husqvarna Fleet Service

Husqvarna Fleet Services is a digital solution for asset management. It enables construction contractors, fleet managers and rental companies to stay on top of their machines, providing information on how well they are performing, where they are located and each machine’s service needs. The data is collected and transmitted through a sensor puck, which is easily attached to the equipment, with some of Husqvarna’s equipment already having a location specifically made for this. The sensor will fit on non-Husqvarna equipment as well. Once installed, a plethora of information is available via a smartphone app and laptop portal.


New drillstand, grinder, floorsaw, etc

The new medium size DS 500 drill stand has been developed for the Husqvarna DM 340 and similar high-powered single-phase drill motors. It delivers good drilling performance with increased rigidity and reduced weight. It’s recommended for core diameters up to 15.75 in (400 mm) and will be available this summer. The Husqvarna PG 510 is a planetary floor grinder with three grinding discs and a total grinding width of 20.2 in (515 mm). It’s suitable for removing coatings, grinding and polishing concrete and has been designed for both professionals and semi-professionals, making it an ideal rental machine. The grinding head is sealed to protect the bearings and belts from moisture and dirt, and has an optional one or three phase motor. Husqvarna’s FS 500 E is a small sized floor saw delivering up to 7.3-in (187-mm) cutting depth, powered by a 10-hp (7.5kW) electric motor. Easy to operate, it includes a built-in water tank with optimized water flow to the blade, automatic soft start and phase error detection. Husqvarna battery blades have been developed to provide optimized performance and facilitate the smooth operating of the K 535i battery power cutter. The blades all feature smart indicators and have been specifically designed to improve the performance out of a battery powered power cutter.


Trowel system and trench compactor

The Hipertrowel system is a fast and easy six step process to create polished concrete floors on large areas by the use of a ride on power trowel. Up to 10,764 ft2 (1,000 m2) of ready floor per day can be produced thanks to the passive gyro driver and the magnetic mount new TRW diamond tools. The LP 9505 trench compactor has been developed to deliver productivity in demanding trench compaction jobs. Whether dealing with steep, tight or loose soils, the Husqvarna LP 9505 possesses a number of solutions, including articulated steering, a radio remote control and drum pads, in order to undertake the work required. Husqvarna’s Mamba wire solution comprises of a hybrid bead with new vacuum technology allowing operators to choose high speed cutting while still benefitting from the efficient life span of the diamond wire, thus improving productivity and increasing performance.


New blade guard, dust extractor , blades and bits

A new one-piece blade guard for Husqvarna’s WS 482 HF, WS 440 HF, and WS 463 wall sawing systems is ideal for those occasions where a dividable guard is not required, or desirable, thereby enabling the use of a two- or three-piece blade guard for more complicated jobs. It’s available in two sizes to fit Husqvarna diamond blades in diameters of 33 in and 42.7 in (840 in and 1,085 mm). The T 4000 three-phase industrial dust extractor matches Husqvarna’s PG 530, PG 450 and PG 400 grinding machines, as well as small to medium scarifiers, shot blasters, and shavers. It’s ideal for heavy duty work and the exacting demands of dust extraction, and is equipped with a quiet turbine motor delivering good airflow.

Finally, Husqvarna’s 1515 Z-Edge blades and drill bits have improved Z-shaped segments that optimize the cut as well as minimize friction and vibrations. The blade and bit sturdiness and capability for withstanding tough conditions is based on the properties of the metal material used in the bond. For the Z-Edge, the quality of the bond used has been developed to achieve high strength and solidity.

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