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Published: 19/8, 2019

Arden Equipment has launched its ‘all in one’ hydraulic quick hitch, the AIO 5O. This attachment is designed for the quick coupling of excavators with various hydraulic attachments such as tilt ditching buckets, Arden tiltrotors, sorting and demolition grabs, or even hydraulic concrete crushers as well as concrete and metal shears. It allows instant and direct hydraulic connection from the cab, with hydraulic hoses connecting simultaneously within ten seconds, and is designed to fit excavators from 20t to 26t.

Additionally Arden has expanded its range of demolition shears with the CU042 and the CU008. The CU042 has the identical weight of its predecessor, the CU3500, but is more efficient thanks to its more powerful cylinders and its new kinematics. The CU042 has increased power of 17%, and a jaw opening width increased by 18%. The CU008 is designed for excavators from 1t to 13t, while the CU007 is suitable for excavators from 8t to11t. This new shear now completes Arden’s full range of demolition shears which now covers excavators from 2t to 70t.

Arden has also incorporated a technology booster to the demolition shear CU031, which brings integration with a single booster that supplies pressure to two cylinders up to 10,152 psi (700 bar). This new booster technology uses compact cylinders to reduce the cycle time and increase the efficiency of the equipment. It also reduces the weight by 220 lb (100 kg) while maintaining the same destruction force.

Arden has also launched the QA Series 3. These quick couplers are equipped with presence sensors that inform the operator by an audible and visual signal that the QA is set up and that the locking mechanism is properly engaged. The operator can thus be sure that work can be undertaken safely without having to leave the cab. In addition, Arden has presented its AVP Arden vibratory plates, which are designed to be mounted on excavators from 2t to 40t. These plates have been designed to facilitate the compaction of hard to reach areas such as trenches or mounds. Unlike conventional compaction machines, the pressure exerted and the high compaction power of the vibrating plates increase compaction power.

The new Arden TiltRotor, a multidirectional quick hitch, allows 40° tilt in all directions with telescopic cylinders and a 360° rotation. This system increases the versatility of the machine by eliminating additional equipment on site. The TiltRotor can be monitored with a joystick directly from the cab which allows the operator to perform work without systematically moving the machine, and thus reinforces the safety of operators on site.

Arden’s Rail Grab, which allows rail handling, has been designed to make it easier to take rails back onto the stem below the rail top without leaving a trace on the rail. This avoids any breakage risks and makes sure the rails remains fully operational. The common base with ballast loaders designed for railway applications offers a flexible and economical solution.

Lastly, Arden has extended the Arden Jet Technology high-pressure water spray system for its hydraulic rock breakers for carriers from 0.8t to100 t. This tool is particularly useful in demolition, earthworks or even quarry work where dust is generated.

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