New Dynaset HPW 160 is Perfect for Dust Control

Published: 13/4, 2021

Dynaset’s has added the HPW 60 model to its lineup of hydraulic high-pressure water pumps. This new model is specially designed to for dust control applications. The most obvious feature differentiating the HPW 60 from other HPW pump models is the power output. This pump produces 2,321 psi (160 bar) of pressure and a flow of 4.7 gallons/min (18 liters/min). As a piston model, the HPW 60 is the smallest of the HPW lineup—4.3 x 8.2 x 3.9 in (110 x 210 x 100 mm). Yet despite its small size, the pump’s 6.4-hp (4.8kW) output power still beats most of the electric power washers.

The HPW 160 can be used for dust suppression of small pulverizers and drilling rigs. As with other HPW pumps, the new model is available in three versions: basic, with no additional valves; equipped with a water unloader valve for power washing applications, and the VR-PA that includes a special valve to keep hydraulic oil flow within the set value.

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