New DYNASET App for Mobile Devices

Published: 17/6, 2019

Dynaset has launched a new Dynaset App for browsing products, and locating Dynaset dealers and service providers. Users can easily get up to date information on all Dynaset products across these categories—Electricity, High-Pressure Water, Compressed Air, Magnet Power, Vibration, Power Boosting, and Know-How. In the App these categories and their products. Product pages provide general information and pictures of the products in use, installations, and machinery for which they are best for. Technical information is found in the data tables and technical data sheets that are also available for download. With the new locator, the user can find closest dealers and Dynaset service providers. The Dealer locator uses mobile devices location data and sorts the closest dealers to a list where one can browse and select the dealers. The map also enables searching and locating dealers even from another side of the world. One can also use the search bar to find the dealers in different locations. Clicking the navigation button on the right side of the screen brings up the route to the dealer’s destination.

The App comes in seven languages—English, French, Spanish, German, Finnish, Russian, and Chinese. The user can change the language anytime from the downright menu on the taskbar. In the near future, an offline update will allow users to access the app anywhere in the world, even without an internet connection. The Dynaset App is now available at the Google Play Store, and the Apple Store.

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