New Cat Scrap shears

Published: 19/3, 2019

New Cat Scrap shears Enhance Primary Demolition and Scrap Processing Productivity

Caterpillar Work Tools has expanded its range of excavator attachments with three new scrap shear models - S3015, S3025, and S3035.Designed for hydraulic excavators with operating weights between 8t and 40t, the new shears feature a dual offset apex jaw design, resulting in increased cutting performance and efficiency. The new patent-pending bolt on the piercing tip of the upper jaw further enhances productivity when piercing is required, protecting the moving jaw and shielding parent metal from wear as the moving jaw travels through the lower jaw. Structural reinforcements more effectively distribute the shearÕs cutting forces, and the apex jaw design, coupled with a larger jaw opening, results in greater cutting strength, especially when cutting profiles.

The fully protected reverse cylinder allows a slim profile that improves visibility and maneuverability in tight spaces. Knives and guide blades have four cutting surfaces that can be rotated before replacement is necessary, while a heavy-duty pivot group can be tightened with standard tooling to keep the jaws aligned as wear occurs. 

The new maintenance-friendly shears have serviceable swivel and pivot group, which also reduces downtime. The operator can adjust side play in the field without the need for special tooling by only tightening the pin. The greasing of the shear, including stick cylinder and boom pin, can be done from ground level, making this work safer.

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