New Bucket Screener Series From Epiroc

Published: 19/8, 2019

Epiroc has widened its extensive portfolio of hydraulic attachment tools with a range of bucket screeners. The new BS 1600 and BS 2200 have service weights of 3,770 lb (1,710 kg) and 5,401 lb (2,450 kg), respectively, and combine the best of modern design and sturdy construction. Hydraulic power is transmitted to the basket via a timing belt that doesn’t require tensioning, with this reliable transmission solution delivering optimum torque and reduces maintenance time.

“The large diameter of the main roller bearing enables us to fit a much longer basket, compared to other screeners on the market,” says Gordon Hambach, global marketing manager for Epiroc hydraulic attachment tools. “The bigger screening area gives significant increase in performance and ensures high quality output.”

The basket features a polygonal design, with 12 sides rather than a smooth rounded surface. This shape enables the material to be shaken in a very effective way to speed up the screening process. The material then passes through hexagonal openings in the mesh enabling high quality aggregates to be produced from rocks, crushed concrete and recycled material straight on the job site. Depending on needs and requirements, customers can choose from baskets with mesh size openings, ranging from .78 in to 3.1 in (20 mm to 80 mm). The new Epiroc Bucket Screeners are available in two sizes, for carriers between 18t to 38t, with high resistant steel construction ensuring a long lifetime in harsh working environment.

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