NDA is reimaging the March, 2021 Annual Convention

Published: 11/1, 2021

NDA is reimagining our Annual Convention to allow you to come together as a community during this unprecedented time. Demolition New Orleans will take place March 3-4 in a reimagined outdoor environment with an extended two-day Live DEMOlition Event. Following all state and federal safety guidelines, Demolition New Orleans will give you the opportunity to test equipment in real time, meet with vendors and other contractors, and stay on top of trends and legislation impacting the demolition industry in 2021. Registration is now open. Visit demolitionassociation.com/convention to learn more about this event and how we are making safety our number one priority.

NDA held two virtual Foundations of Demolition courses this fall: the Foundations of Demolition Risk Management Course, Nov. 19-20, 2020, and the Foundations of Demolition Estimating Course, Dec. 3-4, 2020. We had approximately 35 attendees for the Foundations of Demolition Risk Management Course and 41 attendees for the Foundations of Demolition Estimating Course. These courses are one way NDA has continued to deliver member value during the pandemic.

We are planning to host in-person education next year and will follow all safety and health guidelines relating to COVID-19. Please save the following dates:

* Foundation of Demolition – Project Management Course, April 28- 29 in Atlanta

* Foundations of Demolition – Job Cost Tracking Course, April 30 in Atlanta

Registration for both courses will open in February. Find more information on all Foundation of Demolition courses online at demolitionassociation.com/foundationsofdemolition.

World of Concrete has announced new dates for the conference, June 7-10 in Las Vegas. NDA is slated to offer the Foundations of Demolition Risk Management Course at this event. Our partnership with World of Concrete allows us to reach the larger construction industry with our world-class education. If you plan to attend, please register for our course and help spread the word. Learn more at www.worldofconcrete.com/en/attendee.html.

Our certification efforts continue to move forward. We have a knowledgeable and experienced cross-section of volunteers to serve as subject matter experts to begin the certification process. Our next step is to select a third-party evaluator. We will hold our committee kickoff meeting in early 2021 and will begin to map out the parameters for certification. This is a huge step forward for our industry. The certification will elevate the industry and recognize the knowledge and experience professionals bring to each job.

As Congress continues to negotiate COVID-19 relief and other key issues for the demolition industry, I encourage you to take action and contact your elected officials in support of the demolition industry’s legislative priorities. To date, nearly 100 members have taken action. Join us at tinyurl.com/NDA-Take-Action.

Do you know a contractor who is not an NDA member? NDA offers many year-round benefits that help contractors stay relevant in industry and build relationships that advance business. Contact me directly to learn more about membership with NDA. jlambert@demolitionassociation.com.


Jeff Lambert


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