“My Epiroc” Fleet Management Solution

Published: 9/12, 2019

Epiroc, a leading productivity partner for the mining and infrastructure industries, has introduced My Epiroc, a new digital fleet management solution. The platform is available on web and mobile devices with attractive features for increasing fleet efficiency and safety. My Epiroc enables mining and infrastructure operations to optimize fleet performance — any device, any job role, any time.

My Epiroc is a platform that provides workflow optimization assistance, helping users keep track of productivity with relevant alerts and status updates. By design, My Epiroc assists by highlighting essential items that need immediate attention. It allows for more time to be spent on the task at hand and cuts time searching and processing excessive information that gets in the way. By using the app proactively, unwanted downtime can easily be avoided. 

Whenever support is needed, My Epiroc users are just a click or a swipe away from remote guided support, finding contacts or to a transparent overview of all previously reported inquiries. It is easy to manage tasks and actions related to the fleet in an efficient way and get the input needed in order to prepare for reporting. Data is securely stored in an encrypted cloud environment, which customers can also utilize to upload their own relevant content to create a safe digital fleet library over time. 

My Epiroc is truly mobile and works equally well on the road, in the office or in a vehicle. It is not limited to only people in an office or users with good connectivity. This makes it possible to empower operators and service technicians in the field with tools to manage their daily flows related to logging events, reporting faults, managing service scheduling and parts ordering. 


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