MTA Distributors Expand Independent Rental Coverage Across US

Published: 11/10

Effective July 1, 2022, MTA Distributors will manage the distribution of the full Makinex line to independent rental customers in all 50 states. MTA Distributors will stock all Makinex equipment and parts in two distribution centers, maintaining their 100% same-day shipping guarantee.

For more 40 years, MTA Distributors has been a leading equipment and parts distributor to the rental industry. With their industry knowledge, distribution ability, and complementary products, the growing partnership with Makinex is a natural progression in providing a better way for our customers to get their jobs done.

Over the past two years, Makinex has had a great partnership with MTA Distributors, who have supported the manufacturers’ rental sales throughout the Southeast. In addition to this, Makinex is proud to announce that we are expanding its own sales representative network to continue to drive the partnership with MTA Distributors, and further strengthen its relationship with customers.

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