Move/Edition—Scanmaskin’s Most Ergonomic Floor Grinder

Published: 27/6

Move/Edition, the latest addition Scanmaskin’s World Series line, features a robust cast planetary with unmatched durability. The simplistic design allows for easy and quick repairs on common service items, allowing users to get moving faster than ever. 

Move/Edition started out as a concept to make the workdays easier and less strenuous, without compromising performance. The result is a machine that features a new handle with two adjustment points and 360 degrees of rotation on the hand grip. This also enables a good hip support along with high and low positions to accommodate any operator. 

The new Move/Edition motor reduce the machine’s weight by 50 lb (23kg) while offering the same power as before. The detachable new front wheel also reduces weight when removed and gives an improved ground clearance and makes it easier to move. Scanmaskin has also updated the wheels to ergo solid components with larger diameter, which provide up to 40% less resistance when moving the machine.

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