Meet The New Von Arx

Published: 28/12, 2023

In 2019 he took over the well-known Swiss manufacturer Von Arx. Since then a number of new products and tools for scarifiying and shaving has been released. And now Von Arx is rolling out their new line of dust extractors for professional use. Meet Fredrik Åkermark and the new Von Arx.

A product segment that has an extremely strong connection to surface preparation equipment is devices for dust extraction and air cleaning. Machines for scarifying, shaving, grinding or polishing concrete surfaces creates a lot of dust, which is not really good for the environment. Many countries have enacted regulations about how to handle concrete dust, meaning that special dust extraction equipment is required.

It’s an area Fredrik Åkermark, owner of Von Arx knows well. He began his career in the 1990s with the Swedish company Bevacelan, which sold Pullman dust extractors in Europe. He went on to enjoy success as the head of Pullman Ermator’s operations in the US for a decade before the company was acquired by Husqvarna. Åkermark returned to Sweden and seemed destined to stay with Husqvarna.

But when Swiss scarifiers and shavers manufacturer Von Arx came up for sale in 2019, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to acquire the company.

“Von Arx is an old brand that I have come across many times during my years working with dust extraction equipment,” Åkermark says.

Following acquisition, Åkermark and his team noticed a growing demand for high-quality dust extractors that could seamlessly complement their scarifiers and shavers. The first effort—the DTF35—debuted at Bauma 2021. The DTF35 is available in both electric and LPG versions with a 33.5-hp (25kW) 480v motor. The cutting width is 13.8 in (35 cm), and the machine can cut up to 1 in (2.5cm) deep. Like all Von Arx self-propelled machines, a hydraulic drive system is used to secure high durability and productivity. Low vibration levels and ergonomic handle design provides comfort and productivity for the operator.

Åkermark shared some insights about Von Arx’s new line of dust extractors.


What has driven the development of this line?

Soon after the acquisition of Von Arx in 2019 we learned that our customers wanted to have a reliable, simple, and high-quality dust extractor with our scarifiers and shavers. And they wanted to buy them from the same manufacturer, as a package. Due to many other projects, the dust extractors had to stay back but as a professional manufacturer of machines that create dust, it was an obvious decision to do our best to create a good solution for our customers to collect that dust best possible way.


Is there a dust extractor for each Von Arx machine?

Yes, we have five sizes and models of dust extractors sized after each Von Arx scarifier or shaver.


Can you describe your new line of dust extractors?

The dust extractor line is adapted with scarification, shaving, and grinding in mind. For scarifiers, you need high water lift PSI (bar), since the debris is more like gravel and heavy to lift from the floor. And pre-filters with large surface, high air flow CFM for shavers and grinders that produce large amount of finer dust particles. We have found that many vacuum manufacturers put all focus on the use of the vacuum, which is not wrong. But they seem to have forgotten the importance of solutions for when the vacuum is not in use, such as loading, transport, service, and repairs. That’s where equipment is most vulnerable.


How have you tested the extractors?

All models have been in field tests for over a year and we have been running them connected to grinders, saws, scarifiers, and shavers. Many times, they have been connected to oversized machines to really push them hard—all with amazing results.


What key features did Von Arx prioritize when designing the dust extractor line?

Our focus has been on creating strong and durable machines that are also simple to operate. Different models were designed to address specific needs, such as high water lift PSI (bar) for effective removal of heavy debris from the floor in the case of scarifiers, and pre-filters with large surface areas and high air flow CFM for efficient collection of finer dust particles generated by shavers and grinders.


How does Von Arx ensure the quality and durability of its dust extractors?

All models are equipped with high-quality two-stage motors that provide excellent air flow and PSI (bar). The extractors feature an efficient semi-automatic filter cleaning system and utilize a dust-free Longopac collection system. They are also designed with robust chassis to withstand rough handling and come with strong, large wheels and casters for enhanced maneuverability. Von Arx’s commitment to quality, ensures that our dust extractors can withstand the demands of professional use.


What makes Von Arx dust extractors a trusted choice for contractors?

First Von Arx is a reputable brand known for producing high quality products with operator safety as a top priority. Second, the dust extractors are designed to deliver exceptional performance, with powerful motors and effective dust collection capabilities. And third, Von Arx offers competitive pricing, making the dust extractors an attractive choice for contractors seeking reliable and affordable equipment.


Has Von Arx conducted any independent testing or received feedback from customers regarding the dust extractors?

Yes, independent third-party testing and field testing has been conducted with fantastic feedback from customers regarding the performance of the dust extractors. The machines have been extensively tested in real world conditions, connected to various equipment such as floor grinders, concrete saws, scarifiers, and shavers. The positive results and feedback received validate the effectiveness and reliability of the dust extractors in capturing dust and debris efficiently.


Any final thoughts about your new role with Von Arx?

Dust extraction equipment is, of course, a little bit where my heart lies. For me, Von Arx high-quality equipment creating dust goes of course hand in hand with my ideas of developing equipment that takes care of the dust efficiently. I am very proud of what we are accomplishing, and I’m lucky to have such fantastic team. Everyone really puts their heart into the work.

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