MB Crushers Provide Easier Access to Difficult, High-Altitude Construction Sites

Published: 11/1, 2021

Accessing mountain roads in the middle of a forest is sometimes impractical, and without public trails, it’s practically impossible. And even if often the sole way is to reach the peak is by foot, it can be weary but so rewarding!

So, imagine the challenges contractors often face to reach their high-altitude project locations with the proper equipment for the job, while maintaining low operating costs, and without impacting the forest’s resources. They need to plan a project while adhering to their budget and environmental laws. Usually, these jobs are necessary and need to be completed quickly to avoid natural disasters like landslides, or to open resorts in time for the season.

Reaching the job site is the first expense and obstacle to consider, especially if the location is in an isolated area with limited or no access. Bigger machines require expensive, specialized transportation difficult to obtain for similar projects. By mounting an MB crusher bucket on a piece of equipment, the unit is transported with your machinery, avoiding expensive transportation methods.

The Nevada state forestry department resurfaced firebreak roads using the MB crusher bucket to process and recycle granite and river rock. By eliminating all material hauling costs, this process saves the department millions of dollars a year in transportation costs, and reduces invasive species and other type of minerals that were trucked in the past to do this type of jobs.

A similar situation happened in Serbia, where a department responsible for constructing and maintaining all forest trails is using the BF90.3 crusher bucket on an excavator. This MB unit is crushing basalt that will be used as road base to either construct or to preserve existing roads.

A company in northern Italy had a similar project to create a scenic path that leads into a forest. With the BF90.3 mobile crusher, it processed natural stone and rocks and managed harder materials with ease. Everything was efficiently done on site.

Mountain trails aren’t solely used for hiking. In the winter, snow transforms these locations into renowned ski resorts that have to be ready before the season officially starts, making a quick turnaround is necessary. In Austria, a BF120.4 crusher bucket followed the ski slopes’ route, while crushing limestone and using it as base material.

Separating and selecting dirt is the next crucial point when constructing trails. Rather than haul material up and down the mountain, MB’s screening buckets can access all construction sites and screen material on the spot. This happened on a job site in Canada’s forests, where a path to a residential area was built using soil and rock screened with an MB-S10 screening bucket. Not only did the contractor eliminate all hauling fees, but also followed all environmental protocols by using material available at the location.

Mountain trails need to be frequently cleared of obstacles such as tree trunks, branches, and debris moved onto the walkway by storms and winds. In 2018, a massive storm in Italy razed a large portion of forest in the Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto regions. MB Crusher MB-G demolition and sorting grapples were put into service to recover the fallen tree trunks and debris from roads and paths. The full rotation and a strong clasping strength, allows to pick up materials at different angles while also ensuring nothing falls out of the sides.

MB Crusher’s units process material on any job site, making it available for immediate reuse or resale. All kind of materials are handled with ease and the units don’t need to be sent to special centers to be serviced, the maintenance can be done on the job site without lengthy downtime.


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