MB Crusher Units Provide Effective Solutions to Complex Problems

Published: 22/1, 2020

On the construction site, small equipment, such as skid steers, loaders, and backhoe loaders, are often used for collateral or smaller work. For companies that deal with road work, urban construction sites, trenching, recycling, agriculture, foundries, quarries, and mines, the task of the main work generally falls to excavators. MB Crusher units are able to help transform skid steers and backhoe loaders into powerful machines capable of handling demanding jobs and still save time and money.

MB Crusher’s ultimate goal is to transform any machine, of any size, into a powerful crusher or screener. MB Crusher equipment can hook up to any brand of skid steer, loader, or backhoe loader from 2.4t to 25t, with mechanics that are innovative, with a simple operation enabling the crushing and screening of any material for immediate reuse or resale. All of this can be done directly onsite by reducing or screening demolition or excavation material, selecting ferrous foundry scraps, and processing and reusing waste.

As the MB Crusher units can transform waste into reusable materials, producing savings on hauling expenses, avoiding landfill fees or specialized treatment centers, saving on purchasing aggregate material, hiring operators and reducing long working hours. The benefits delivered are also important for the environment and nearby urban areas, with reductions of dust and emissions, lower truck traffic, less noise, and faster job execution.

There are numerous examples of the successful use of the MB Crushers. In the US, a construction site was situated on a volcanic hill where a large structure with concrete pillars, floors, and walls needed to be demolished. Access to the area was limited, unsafe and with limited room for maneuver. With the MB-L140 crusher installed on a Kubota skid steer, the company crushed the demolition waste and used the crushed concrete as backfill for the construction of a new road to provide better access to the job site.

MB Crushers can process more than waste and construction materials. To help remediate millions of acres of sodic-contaminated soil in Australia, a MB-L140 crusher bucket mounted on an ASV RT unit reduced gypsum rocks into fragments that “mineralized” the soil, promoting drainage and safely restoring the site for planting crops.

Making the units even more attractive for use, MB Crushers share a quick and simple installation with their carriers, with operation and maintenance being performed directly on site by the operator without needing specialized personnel.


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