MB Crusher’s “Call & Resolve” Helps Tackle Unusual Jobs

Published: 19/8, 2019

MB Crusher’s new “Call & Resolve” service gives construction companies immediate access to its invaluable know-how and field experience to ensure the right machinery is ready to the job, even those that may be complex, temporary, unusual, or exceptional.Production Manager Diego Azzolin explains that while MB Crusher’s consulting department has long helped contractors choose the right machinery for specific worksites, “we’ve now broadened this department, allowing us to provide just-in-time responses, even for the industry’s most bizarre requests.”

For example, a US contractor was looking to dismantle and dispose of radioactive concrete pillars. It used two BF90.3 crusher buckets mounted onto Caterpillar excavators, safely and quietly crushing the material directly on site. To limit dust, the company installing an MB dust suppression kit onto the crusher buckets.

Another extraordinary case was that of a Latin American company that treats hazardous waste derived from soil drilling. the goal there was to separate the aqueous and solid portions in the presence of oil. They used an MB-S18 screening bucket on their Caterpillar excavator to separate the materials and then reuse them to produce new drilling mud. Perfectly to the benefit of the worksite’s profitability. With “Call & Resolve,” MB Crusher offering its know-how to all contractors who want to turn difficult situations into business opportunities.

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