MB Crusher Introduces New Generation of Shaft Screeners

Published: 19/8, 2019

MB Crusher, maker of the world’s first patented multi-functional jaw crusher, has launched the new MB-HDS series of shaft screeners.

“The new MB-HDS series has been designed to be a real wild card,” says Diego Azzolin, production director of MB Crusher. “It can adapt to a range of different working environments and can select different types of materials with unprecedented simplicity and speed, without the need for a specialist or special training.”

What is new about the MB-HDS shaft screener is its ability to adapt to different types of work and different materials. It’s a solution for those who have to process different kinds of waste rubble, which can quickly be turned into reusable and profitable material. The MB-HDS screening bucket is available in four models with shafts suitable for the different material selection requirements. As with all MB Crusher machines, the bucket can be installed on 5t-35t excavators, diggers, mini diggers, and loaders to easily access and move around work sites, construction sites, areas containing large pipelines, towns or remote agricultural areas.

The changing of the rotary shafts can be carried out anywhere, with the new development having a centralised greasing system with all maintenance tools being located inside a compartment of the shaft screener. An engineered automated shock absorbing hydraulic system reduces the discharge so that the engine, transmission components and the machine boom do not suffer damage.

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