Makinex Debuts Portable Power Box

Published: 19/3, 2019

The Makinex Power Box is a silent, emission-free power supply available in several sizes and power configurations. Users will never have to wonder if it will start, run or if you have enough fuel. Users no longer have to worry about loud noise from a portable generator, or if the emissions will make someone ill. A rugged heavy-duty wheel system and lifting eye allows the Portable Power Box to go anywhere.

The Portable Power Box is a battery powered AC generator that stores electricity for use when and where power is unavailable. Turn on and plug in; itÕs that simple. Sizes range from 5.9 hp to 23.6 hp (4.4 kW to 17.6kW). All generate pure wine wave power, the cleanest power available, to safely run anything from computers to portable air compressors. The Portable Power Box can easily handle high-surge loads, allowing users to do things no possible on portable generators.

Because the Portable Power Box uses batteries, it requires no oil changes, tune-ups, or repairs associated with conventional gas/diesel generators. A smart phone app allows users to see usage stats, available power, and other valuable data. A locking NEMA3R cabinet ensures outdoor/indoor security.

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