Magnet Power in Demolition and Recycling

Published: 9/12, 2019

Dynaset provides hydraulic powered equipment for demolition and recycling such as hydraulic magnet generators and hydraulic magnets.

The HMG PRO Hydraulic Magnet Generator converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into magnet power for a lifting magnet. The magnet generator has the best demagnetizing time of 0.8 seconds. Its lightning fast release of collected materials enables easier and more predictable use of the magnet which also means better work efficiency. Dynaset selection has models up to 53.6 hp (40kW).

Dynaset has a selection of high-quality lifting magnets to pair with HMG PRO Hydraulic Magnet Generators. The HMAG PRO Hydraulic Magnet is a complete all-in-one unit with world’s fastest demagnetizing time of 0,8 seconds. The plug-and-play type of connection guarantees easy installation on mobile machines such as demolition machinery, excavators, and trucks with crane.

The HMG PRO Hydraulic Magnet Generator is powered by hydraulics and therefore it allows flexibility for installation. With no drive belt, the hydraulic magnet generator can be installed anywhere on the machine.

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