Maddox Wins PDa’s NDA Scholarship Fund Game in Austin

Published: 5/5, 2020

PDa magazine was one of several exhibitors at NDA’s recent Demolition Austin show that hosted a game to help raise funds for the organization’s scholarship fund. Though relatively simple, the game was hardly easy. Competitors had five attempts to swing a small suspended metal ring with the precise speed and arc to land it on a hook. The person who could make the ring stick to the hook earned a full-page ad and double-spread company profile that will appear in PDa later this year.

Though tempting and tricky, success eluded many competitors until the show’s final hours. That’s when Kyle Maddox, president of Virginia Wrecking Company, Inc., of Daphne, Ala., snagged the hook on his first try! Even though Maddox was immediately the winner, he used the remainder of his five tries to hit the hook a second time.

Founded in 1948, Virginia Wrecking Company is a long-time NDA member, while Maddox currently serves on the association’s board. Look to learn more about the company in an upcoming issue of PDa.

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