Published: 22/3, 2022

It’s one thing to muddle through the day-to-day challenges of a pandemic. But muddling through job after job using less than the best equipment won’t earn a contractor much profit, or future job opportunities.

So, with the return of trade shows on the horizon, why not start making plans now to give your equipment fleet a fresh look. And compact loaders and skid steers are a great place to start. Packed with both power and features to boost productivity, these mighty-mites are sure to become go-to machines for all kinds of projects in all kinds of locations. You’ll be working safe—and working smart!


Komatsu’s new all-rounder with the latest EU Stage V Engine

The all-new Komatsu WA70M-8 compact wheel loader delivers first-class operator comfort, optimum visibility, outstanding safety levels, an ergonomic interface, effortless operation, and a bold contemporary styling for a strong distinctive visual presence. Combined with KOMTRAX, which allows owners to monitor all machine functions remotely, the WA70M-8 also features a hydraulic quick-coupler, Easy Fork kinematic and a wide range of attachments.

The WA70M-8 is equipped with a powerful Komatsu low-emission engine and Diesel Particle Filter and complies with the EU Stage V regulations. Engine power was increased by 25% vs. the previous model and now reaches 62.8 hp (46.2 kW). Optimized for tough construction applications, its fully automatic hydrostatic transmission sends power to all four wheels. High torque with the low rpm engine setting gives fast uphill travel performance thanks to stronger engine power.

The operator can rely on Easy Fork kinematic to transport loads with Komatsu pallet forks parallel to the ground without readjusting the fork tines. Operators still benefit from the Z-bar kinematic, with high breakout force and fast and easy bucket filling, and for an easy handling of the machine.

Thanks to the wide opening engine hood and tiltable cabin, all service points are easy to access. A 6,000-hour cleaning interval typically makes the DPF maintenance-free for 10 years. The newly designed engine with high torque at low rpm level boosts performance and helps to achieve low fuel consumption in every application. All maintenance and service can be performed easily and quickly thanks to the tilting cab. The engine hood opens widely for a quick daily inspection, the electric equipment is well protected behind a maintenance cover, and the easy-to-clean wide core radiator, with an optional reversible fan, is conveniently accessible.



Bobcat launches M3-Series compact loader line

To meet a variety of customer needs and budgets, Bobcat Company has launched the new M3-Series compact loader line. Four new skid-steer and compact track loader models are now available by limited release in North America through select dealers.
The four new M3-Series 500 platform size model loaders include the S510 and S590 skid-steer loaders and the T550 and T595 compact track loaders. The line was developed to specifically support customers who are looking for more practical features with pricing to match, while complementing the R-Series lineup. Building on the established M2-Series loader, the new M3-Series is designed with the Bobcat turbo-charged diesel engine, an innovative new fuel system, simplified configurations and fewer ancillary options combined with new modern decal styling and more.

All models are powered by 2.4-liter Tier 4 Bobcat engines with an innovative new fuel system, offering a range of 55-70 hp (41-94 kW). The engine meets Tier 4 regulations without a diesel particulate filter (DPF), reducing downtime that occurs with DPF regeneration and long-term DPF maintenance costs. The high-efficiency hydraulic pumps are configured precisely for each model’s specific operating capacity and matched to cylinder size and loader lift capacity. This provides better breakout forces and faster cycle times to enhance power and overall operator productivity and efficiency.
Bobcat engines also feature a robust combustion chamber that can handle more pressure and produces more usable horsepower and torque than other competing loader manufacturers meaning optimal performance for pushing, digging, lifting, and operating a variety of attachments.

The M3-Series durable, patented lift-arm design and a choice of lift paths helps meet the unique needs of each jobsite. The S510 and T550 models feature a radius lift path to provide maximum reach truck bed height. The S590 and T595 models offer a vertical lift path for higher lift capacity and to achieve more reach at full lift height, keeping the load closer to the machine while the loader arms are raised. An innovative new fuel system in M3-Series loaders makes low fuel levels more forgiving. Cold-weather operation is improved and a variety of features, including a self-priming pump and a new fuel pre-filter, make maintenance and service more convenient. Additional standard uptime features include automatic machine shutdown, on-board diagnostics and battery run-down protection to monitor engine, hydraulic and battery functions. M3-Series loaders are designed for delivering better productivity on the worksite and keeping the machines out of the shop.



Volvo’s electric avenues

The L20 compact wheel loader is part of Volvo Construction Equipment’s growing range of electric machines that are providing customers with a cleaner, more silent and more comfortable work environment while also meeting the company’s ambition to have at least 35% of its total range of vehicles fully electric by 2030.
The L20 Electric is a proven concept based on the larger L25 Electric model. It features a 1.8-ton payload and a parallel-type linkage offering great visibility over the attachment being used, outstanding lifting height, as well as 100% parallel movements – making it a perfect fit for fork applications too. Expected to deliver up to six hours of active work per charge, the electric machine comes with a choice of battery packs (33 kWh or 40 kWh) while also reducing maintenance by 30%. In addition to the more peaceful working conditions offered by the machine’s near-silent motor, operators enjoy enhanced comfort and productivity via a new automatic park brake with hill-hold functionality, as well as a range of customizable work modes.
The machine comes with an integrated on-board charger allowing them to charge from 0 to 100% in under six hours. With an optional fast off-board charger, the L20 Electric will fully charge in under just two hours. For the most accurate picture, Volvo dealers can calculate the expected operating time and optimum charging solution based on customers’ activities. L20 users can operate in noise sensitive areas and out of standard hours, as well as low-carbon projects and indoors, without the need for costly fume extraction systems.



ASV expands MAX-Series skid steers

ASV has expanded its MAX-Series™ lineup with the addition of the vertical-lift VS-75 and radial-lift RS-75 skid steers. The MAX-Series line was first introduced with compact track loaders in mid-2020, giving operators a premium experience to match the machines’ impressive performance capabilities. Like the tracked machines, the skid steers benefit from a new, next-generation cab available with industry-leading 360-degree visibility, a roomier operator area, a more comfortable seat, a new high-tech touch-screen display and more.

The RS-75 includes a 2,600-lb (1,179-kg) rated operating capacity and a 5,845-lbf (2,6-kN) breakout force, while the VS-75 features a 5,920-lbf (26.3-kN) breakout force and an impressive 3,500-lb (1,588-kg) rated operating capacity. Both are equipped with 75-hp (56-kW) engines. In fact, the VS-75’s high capacity rivals many larger units, giving operators the ability to have the fuel economy and reduced price of a lower horsepower machine but the performance of some of the largest skid steers out there.

Both models are better able to travel over obstacles without getting hung up thanks to 10.5 in (267 mm) of ground clearance, more than 2 in (51 mm) higher than any machine in their class. In addition, the purpose-built chassis improves performance while climbing hills resulting from a 24-degree departure angle. Operators can work longer days in comfort with the MAX-Series with a number of comfort and usability features available to be added to the basic configuration. Features include an optional fully suspended seat, one-sided lap bar for easy entry and exit, and a roomier cab. Operators also benefit from a cleaner, quieter and more temperature-stable work area with the optional highly-pressurized, all-weather cab. The optional pressurized cab’s improved seal helps repel noise, dust and debris and outside temperatures. An updated HVAC system allows for better overall circulation and defrosting capabilities within the cab. The cab also features a number of reliability improvements, including a design that better protects electronics with fully sealed, water-tight wiring harnesses and fuse panels. The machines maximize serviceability with convenient and simple maintenance access. Swing-out door and cooling systems provide access to filters and other daily checkpoints for easy maintenance.


New Holland launches its largest, most powerful CTL to date

New Holland Construction expands its compact track loader offering to include an all-new model, the C362. Offering rugged construction, power and performance, the C362 excels in any location. With a 114-hp (85-kW) engine, a rated operating capacity of 6,200 lb (2,812 kg), and a breakout force of 12,900 lb (57.4 kN), the C362 is ready to tackle any project. The C362’s new frame design is built to last with a heavy-duty steel rear door and rear hood. Bucket cylinders are mounted on the front of the boom arms to increase ingress clearance and add even more pounds of bucket breakout force.
The patented New Holland Super Boom® vertical lift design optimizes the C362 for lift-and-carry operations. With greater dump reach and height, customers can easily load high-sided truck boxes or hoppers. Full 360-degree visibility comes with the C362’s low-profile Super Boom arm and shoulder design, an integrated rear camera, and new LED front work lights. Operators can see even more with the C362’s large glass door, lower front-door threshold and see-through area on the cab roof.

The low-profile undercarriage design eases cleanout, reduces noise, and increase durability. It also provides an extended track life and smoother ride due to the steel-embedded tracks rolling on the rubber instead of steel. The in-cab 8-in (203.2-mm) LCD display gives operators a quick look at engine settings and performance information. The EZ EH custom screen settings allow for easy navigation and quick operation adjustments. The display also provides greater visibility to the rear of the loader for an efficient, safer operation.

The C362 is also built with electro-hydraulic controls featuring multiple speed and sensitivity settings, including creep mode and automatic straight-line tracking. Creep mode, a slow-speed option, gives the operator greater control for slow-speed operations such as trenching and cold-planing with speed thresholds of one to 100 increments. Automatic straight-line tracking improves productivity and precision as it keeps a straight working and traveling path in uneven terrain.

For regular service or maintenance, the C362 allows for easy access to the engine. The rear door and hood provide quick service entry for daily and periodic maintenance. All major service points can be accessed by tilting the cab forward.



Gehl’s new RT135 CTL

Gehl is pleased to announce the new RT135 track loader, strengthening its product offering to ten track loaders with the introduction of the 1,350-lb (612-kg) capacity machine. The Gehl RT135 delivers profound power in a compact fashion, at an overall width of 57 in (1,448 mm) and height of 76 in (1,930 mm), and a lift height of up to110 in (2,794 mm). With an operating weight of only 6,510 lb (2,953 kg), the RT135 can be easily transported, making it an ideal machine for the rental industry, construction sites and weekend warriors. The Gehl RT135 is powered with a 46.6-hp (34.7-kW) Yanmar engine that utilizes automatic regeneration and zero fuel additives, providing clean emissions with little to no effort from the operator. In addition, built on an adapted R135 skid loader chassis for superior weight distribution and grading, the Gehl RT135 is equipped for any jobsite.

Equipped with Level II FOPS, the RT135’s cab provides a robust operator station as well as excellent visibility on all sides of the machine, allowing for precise material placement. The IdealTrax™ track tensioning system saves on maintenance and track replacement costs by automatically tensioning the tracks when the engine is on, eliminating the chance of over-tensioning and extending the life of the tracks up to 15%. Track tension is released when the engine is turned off, reducing strain on sprockets and bearings. The system also eliminates the need for manual tensioning of the tracks and daily tension checks.

The Gehl RT135 track loader is compatible with most allied attachments. An optional Power-A-Tach® system engages and disengages an attachment without the operator having to leave the cab, providing an increase in efficiency and safety. Additional optional features on the RT135 include a back-up camera and a self-leveling hydraulic lift that keeps the attachment level throughout the raise/lift cycle.



New compact wheel loaders from Sany

Sany’s new four-model line-up of compact wheel loaders include the powerhouse SW105 and SW115. The SW105’s 2,450-lb (5,400-kg) operating weight is powered by a 39.5-hp (53-kW) Yanmar 4TNV98C engine, while the 2,844-lb (6,270-kg) SW115 has a 43.2-hp (58 kW) TD 2.9 L4 turbocharged Deutz engine. For smaller applications, the smaller SW075 and SW085 are equipped with the Stage III Yanmar 4TNV88 engine, their larger sister models are fitted with Stage V-compliant engines. Bucket capacities for the four-model line range from.9 to 1.4 yd3 (0.7 – 1.1 m3).

The typical SANY sales advantages such as the use of well-known key components, a very high technical standard and the possibility to get the five-year warranty remains, keeping our promise to deliver high quality and very productive machines at fair prices. For example, the standard configuration includes a hydraulic quick coupler and safety valves. The corresponding preparation for road homologation such as TÜV certification is also available.In addition to the high specification features as standard, the wheel loaders benefit from oscillating rear axles, which are normally found on larger machines to increase stability.



New anti-vibration undercarriage for John Deere 33G CTL

Expanding on its wide offerings of optional machine enhancements, John Deere introduces the anti-vibration undercarriage system for the 333G compact track loader. Designed to reduce machine vibration and increase operator comfort, the anti-vibration undercarriage system was created as a solution to combat operator fatigue and enhance user experience.

The new undercarriage option offers a solution to enhance machine operation, helping operators to remain focused on the job at hand. Key features of the anti-vibration undercarriage system include the following: an isolated undercarriage, bogie rollers, updated grease points, hydrostatic hose protection shield and rubber isolators. By utilizing an anti-vibration suspension at the front and rear of the track frame and absorbing shock through the rubber isolators, the machine provides a smoother ride for the operator. These features also enable the machine to travel at higher speeds while retaining material on the job, and permit the machine to flex up and down, creating a more comfortable operator experience, ultimately helping reduce operator fatigue. Designed with productivity in mind, the new bogie roller system allows for oscillating movement of the rollers, promoting smoother transitions when cresting a hill, improved stability on uneven grounds, and enabling larger debris to pass between the roller and track system. This updated design also features a new oscillating bogie arm, further enhancing operator efficiency. This design includes only four new grease points which are easy to access meaning operators can spend more time being productive. Improving operator experience was a key priority during development of the anti-vibration undercarriage system. With that in mind, additional enhancements were made and a new angled steel shield was added to protect the hydrostatic hoses from exposure to debris. Additionally, rubber isolators were implemented to offer longer track life and allow easier repairs compared to other competitive solutions. The anti-vibration undercarriage system is now available on zig-zag bar tracks on the 333G Compact Track Loader models, and can be purchased in the US and Canada, as well as in various international locations.



Wacker Neuson’s versatile WL34 wheel loader

The WL34 wheel loader from Wacker Neuson is a multifaceted and maneuverable machine that can move a great deal of material. It combines power, reliable hydraulics and compact dimensions with mature technology and a convincing price-performance ratio. Powered by a 61-hp (45-kW) Deutz TD 2.9 L4 Stage V engine, the WL34 features a .8-yd3 (.62-m3) bucket capacity, a conically tapered load arm offers a first-class view of the transported items, and carefully arranged service accesses in the cabin to minimize maintenance times. A hydrostatic all-wheel drive system, central service and parking brake in the drive train that acts on all four wheels. The operator’s cab includes a fully damped comfort seat with safety belt, weight, back and height adjustment; adjustable steering column; and front and rear work lights.



Takeuchi launches new attachment program

The new Takeuchi-US Attachment Program offers a full line of Takeuchi-branded attachments for each of the manufacturer’s product lines – compact excavators, compact track loaders, and compact wheel loaders. Takeuchi partnered with several market-leading attachment manufacturers to provide attachments in five categories—land and vegetation management, construction management, agriculture management, snow removal, and brooms. Altogether, there are nearly 40 different attachment families available, from buckets to forestry mulchers to snow blades, and everything in between. Many attachments come in various models and sizes for the ultimate customized solution for nearly any machine application.

Takeuchi’s full-featured attachments offer standard configurations, including bolt-on cutting edges, connect-under-pressure quick couplers, heavy-duty cylinders and optimized controls. Performance matched attachments have flow requirements and operating parameters that are matched to compatible machines for optimal performance. Takeuchi provides optimized hose lengths with connect-under-pressure couplers on hydraulically operated attachments for fast, easy connections.


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