Liebherr USA Opens Expanded Headquarters Campus

Published: 23/11, 2020

Liebherr USA, Co. marked a milestone on April 6, 2020, when it formally moved in to a newly expanded campus. The facilities house employees who work in administration, finance, human resources, sales, information technology, marketing, product support, and distribution for nine different product units under the Liebherr USA, Co. umbrella.

Approximately 500 people work at Liebherr’s Newport News campus. Many of them are now working in the new office, repair shop and warehouse facilities. The former four-story headquarters building will be retained and house employees of Liebherr Mining Equipment.

According to Dr Torben Reher, managing director, Liebherr USA, Co., the new campus will help Liebherr better serve customers across divisions by providing space for increased production of concrete pumps, and repair capacity for mobile and crawler cranes, and for construction equipment. The new shop is also equipped to handle the growing numbers of Liebherr earthmoving equipment.

A new training center and workshop also allows Liebherr to expand its offerings in relation to training to dealers and dealer technicians, as well as to its customers. The workshop will focus on pre-delivery inspections and standard repair work, with dedicated bays for machine reconditioning. Twelve repair stations will be available for the earthmoving division – an increase from the eight currently available.

The new Liebherr warehouse incorporates the latest safety features and provides a 50% increase in storage capacity. The warehouse also has a dual-shuttle vertical lifting machine to increase small component picking speed and storage capacity. The receiving and shipping departments are separated to enable optimal material flow through the facility.

Smoothly executing the eight-day non-stop transfer of more than 30,000 SKU- numbered items to the new warehouse was the result of extensive planning aimed at minimizing interruptions to Liebherr’s customer supply chain.

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