Latest in Dust Suppression

Published: 22/1, 2020

Dust suppression is one way to combat the hazard of dust spreading in a workplace. PDa takes a look at some of this year’s latest developments.


Emi Controls

EmiControls has introduced the V12 dust controller, an efficient solution for both problems. Perfectly illustrating its attributes and benefits has been a development project in Bolzano in northern Italy, where an entire district is being redeveloped. As the area is located directly next to the old town center and the main square, the work needs to be carried out with as little dust and noise as possible. The construction company responsible for the work used a V7 and the new V12 from EmiControls as part of the demolition operation. The dust controllers proved especially beneficial in the hot summer months, keeping dust to a minimum, leading to no complaints from local residents.

The V12 is particularly quiet with a noise emission of 60dB within a radius of 65.6 ft (20m). The turbine operates at two speed levels, giving it flexibility to expand fine water mist up to more than 200 ft (65m). Thanks to the valve technology, the amount of water can be regulated via remote control on three levels which enables the user to design the spray pattern flexibly and adapt it to the respective requirements. Low energy consumption does not sacrificing performance or throwing distance, which is mainly due to the aerodynamic position of the turbine blades. The machine itself and the individual components have a long lifespan and due to its small size, the V12 can be easily transported and positioned.



WLP’s Demolitor 70 has a dry total weight of 1,323 lb (600kg), installed power of 14.75 hp (11kW), an IP55 protection rating, and 32A 400V power supply. It also features a 360-degree rotation, an elevation of -10/+40 degrees, and a minimum pressure of 7.25 psi (0.5 bar).


New compact model from Generac Mobile

Generac Mobile has recently introduced a new compact Dustfighter DF 4500. This new model fits between the company’s mini models, suitable for use on small sites, and its midi models designed for construction sites, quarries and other medium-sized work areas. (Generac Mobile’s largest models can be found at large mining plants and quarries.)

The DF 4500 is compact so that it can be positioned anywhere and operated by a single operator and at the same time is able to produce a sufficient flow of nebulized water to cover considerable distances. DF 4500 reaches more than 98 ft (30m). Thanks to a manual/automatic rotation system, it covers an area of nearly 28,000 ft2 (2,600m2). The DF 4500 is also equipped with a manual or electric tilting system to better direct the flow of nebulized water and also comes with a slow speed trailer, an integrated control panel and optional remote control.


Naltec water fog system

B + W Gesellschaft für Innovative Produkte located in Bottrop, Germany has added to its Naltec range with spray cannons for distances of up to 656 ft (200m). Naltec Spray Cannons generate super-fine floating water droplets at very low energy consumption, with a working pressure of 145 psi (10bar). The fine nebulization makes it possible to economize water consumption, which leads to a decrease in energy and operating costs. Its design results in low maintenance, with its mobile and stationary structure being adaptable to local conditions.

The spray cannons are designed to use powerful fans to create fine water mist that is blown over a long distance. Options for various throwing distances and the amount of water sprayed are available. In windless conditions, throw distances of up to 656 ft (200 m) can be realized. High manufacturing standards and design makes the cannons both robust and powerful, with the basic equipment featuring a fan with a diffuser, a stainless steel nozzle ring, built-in rotary actuator, pump filter, and a controller with dry-run protection. Other accessories include a three-wheel undercarriage, remote control, trailer, water tank, and power generator, all which enables flexible work in any location.


Tera 60 GTM, an “all in one” solution

Dehaco’s Tera 60 GTM is described as the “all in one solution for dust control.” It is not dependent on an independent water or electricity supply, with the unit being equipped with a built-in generator and water tank, although it can be connected to an independent water supply in the field. Developed and designed in house, in cooperation with existing users of the Tera series, the 60 TM can be used to prevent the release of asbestos from burning buildings, control dust at recycling centers, and minimize odors at waste treatment sites. This is due to the unit being designed for preventing dust emissions during demolition, renovation, and recycling operations.

While conventional nozzles require maintenance, as they clog up with lime and dust particles from water, the Tera series feature a revolutionary Demto-Rotor specifically designed with openings that distribute water evenly while preventing the build-up of lime and dust particles. Users can adjust droplet sizes with the push of a button.

The galvanized steel frame of the Tera 60 GTM carries an integrated water tank, located on the underside of the unit and is equipped with baffle plates, ensuring balance when being moved, enhancing the road holding of the towing vehicle. In addition, the top cover of the machine can be disassembled and is therefore accessible at all times. A modified version, the Tera 60 GTX is available without agricultural undercarriage, drawbar, and support legs.


Trident dust controller from Buffalo Turbine

Buffalo Turbine’s Trident dust controller has three separate turbines all powered by the same Kohler diesel engine, being capable of three times the coverage area of its single turbine dust controllers. The control unit is self-contained, meaning no generator, lower maintenance costs, and less equipment to store. Each turbine uses gyratory atomizing nozzles which do not clog the way other nozzle tips might do. The Trident can be equipped with one to three oscillation kits for more coverage area.


Fogco Dust Suppression Products

Fogco is pleased to introduce the FogCannon™, the latest product offering designed specifically for commercial and industrial dust suppression, humidification, and cooling.

Fogco’s product range includes the highest quality components and state of the art technology. Units include pole-, base-, and trolley-mount, as well as and customized self-sustaining units. Fogco FogCannon™ products control dust at the source by emitting extreme air velocity with large volumes of fine water droplets that physically capture and push dust particles to the ground, completely suppressing it from the air in virtually all conditions. This same technology adds humidity to the environment.


High Pressure

The Fogco FogCannon® HP is a high-pressure fogcannon on a portable 3-wheel cart. It is designed for indoor dust control, indoor humidification, and indoor or outdoor cooling.

The unit comes with a .5-gal/min (1.9 liter/min), 1,000-psi (69 bar) high-pressure pump; an 18-in (457m) fan mounted in a cone shaped cannon with adjustable tilt; a 25-ft (7.5m) power cord; and separate controls for the fan and the pump. A variable speed fan throws fog up to 50 ft (15 m).


Light Duty

Small and mobile, the LD line is perfect for smaller indoor and outdoor work zone, such as construction sites, recycling plants, waste transfer stations, and scrap yards. Models offer throws from 50 ft to 130 ft (15m to 40m).


Heavy Duty

The HD line is the flagship line of the Fogco FogCannon™ range and provides the highest quality heavy duty components and is designed for the harsh environments of large construction sites and demolition projects, mines, ports, quarries, large waste transfer stations, and steel mills. The HD line allows for numerous options including remote operation and completely automated operation.

This line provides the greatest flexibility of throw distance, flow rate, and available options allowing for greater adaptability in all harsh conditions.


Extreme Duty

The EX line is the largest platform for the Fogco FogCannons™ and is made for the toughest, most demanding job sites. This range includes all the same quality components and flexibility as the HD line with throw distances up to 500 ft (152m)

The EX units are available with a pole stand mounted on a heavy-duty reinforced steel base. This range provides state-of-the-art technology and an extensive list of options. The highest quality components and the most durable FogCannon product line on the market makes this range the preferred choice for the most extreme applications.


Custom Duty

The CD line is the most flexible line allowing any of the Fogco Fogcannon™ products to be trailer mounted and can include an extendable cantilever arm, an independent water source, and an electric generator making the Custom Duty units completely autonomous and self-sustaining.

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